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Sean Nash

Avoiding "Unmitigated Disasters" - nashworld - 41 views

    "After stumbling upon the article, "Switch to e-books was 'an unmitigated disaster,' says school principal," in my feed this past week, it occurred to me that there are increasingly predictable patterns surrounding stories of failed "innovation" in digital learning initiatives. Schools have been assigning computers to each child for some time now. And still, we continue to see stories like this in the media. In short: we can do better than this."
Roland Gesthuizen

Robert Scoble slams Microsoft's lack of vision - 1 views

  • He said the company suffered from an ingrained "consensus culture" built to "serve" the desktop PC. Because of it, Microsoft had not been able to catch up to a world in which smartphones, tablets and wearable devices were now the main ways of using computers.
    "Tech giant Microsoft has a leadership and cultural problem that is preventing it from being as innovative as Apple and Google, according to former Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble.  "
amy musone

What's on your refrigerator? | Connected Principals - 36 views

    What's on your refrigerator? Way to collect what's important to people...shared vision, everyone has a voice
Catherine O'Kane

Here's My Vision, and Here's Yours. Let's Make It Work. - - 5 views

    excellent articulation of the need to give people scope and space as part of leadership

A Vision for Learning and Teaching in a Digital... - 76 views

    Transforming Education
Jennie Snyder

This IS the Plate: School-Wide Goals for Learning at Curtis School | - 2 views

    This IS the Plate by Chris Thinnes. An excellent reminder of what our purpose is.
Jennie Snyder

20/20 technology vision | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs - 33 views

  • a vision for the future is important to allow for planning. I’m starting to see school districts make purchases without establishing a long-term vision, and that is a recipe for disaster and wasted dollars.
Susan Stevens

Our Vision and Values - 2 views

    Adlai E. Stevenson HS has had great success with their vision and values statement and their collective commitments.
Chuck Baker

A Few Cautions About Organizational Change - 43 views

A Few Cautions About Organizational Change - from Dr. Jane Howland, ISLT 9475 Diffusion of Educational Innovations instructional materials, University of Missouri TOO often, organizational change ...

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