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Sharin Tebo

Making Thinking Visible Guide - 159 views

    A Classroom Resource Guide to Making Thinking Visible
    Not available :-(
Jennifer Judkins

K12 Online Conference - 4 views

    Free, online PD
amy musone

What's on your refrigerator? | Connected Principals - 36 views

    What's on your refrigerator? Way to collect what's important to people...shared vision, everyone has a voice
Daryl Bambic

Be the Change. Listen. Follow-up » Edurati Review - 42 views

  • 1. Be the change. Leaders of professional development seem to forget that they’re actually teaching, and that part of teaching is modeling the activity you hope to see adopted. A session devoted to equipping teachers to implement more collaborative learning that is presented via “death by PowerPoint” is an oxymoron, a term originating from a Greek word appropriately meaning “pointedly foolish.” As one teacher recently expressed it, “Why does the worst teaching often happen in sessions on how to improve teaching?” Why, indeed? Modeling is a powerful teaching technique. In addition to communicating that the suggested new approach promotes learning, demonstration taps into some of the brain’s natural learning systems: This may be because demonstration actually encourages the brain to engage. Specialized neurons known as mirror neurons make practicing “in the head” possible…When a teacher repeatedly performs a sequence of steps, her students’ mirror neurons may enable their own preliminary practice of the same steps. In other words, as a teacher demonstrates a skill, students mentally rehearse it.1
  • Though we’ve been invited to lead professional development, we do not have all the answers. Professional development involves merging new research findings with current personnel—i.e., bringing ideas and people together. One way I’ve tried to do more of this recently is to ask teachers if any of them have tried something similar to a new approach I’ve explained. If any have, I invite them to share their experience. This invites elaboration, a critical cognitive process for constructing understanding. If the teacher’s experience was positive, we discuss why the approach was successful. If the teacher’s experience was frustrating, we often find together the reason for it and develop a plan for structuring it better the next time. This give-and-take values everyone, respects the experience present in the session, and allows the leader to be a colleague rather than an aloof expert.
  • 2. Listen. I have a tendency to get preoccupied with my preparation and forget that I’ll actually have people in the professional development session. Not just people but colleagues!
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • 3. Follow up. I’ve written previously about the importance of coaching and the characteristics of an effective coach. A one-time information flood is ineffective, no matter how engaging the session’s leader may be. Teachers need support as they begin to implement new ideas, methods, and approaches. Note that support, not judgement, is needed. Showing up with an evaluation form is a certain way to kill any benefit professional development might yield. Teachers are learners, and we need the time and space to try, to reflect, to try again, to get helpful feedback, and to truly master implementation. We need the opportunity to learn. Coaching provides this opportunity, along with the encouragement and feedback necessary for success.
Miss OConnor

Personal Learning Networks for Educators - The Educator's PLN - 67 views

    understanding the importance of building a PLN
Jason Schmidt

Online Professional Development | iEARN-USA: International Education and Resource Network - 41 views

    Work together with educators from all over the world to develop a collaborative project. Online course.
A Gardner

Classroom 2.0 LIVE! - Archive and Resources - 141 views

    Incredible number of maths resources. Thanks Mr Dan Meyer.
Dimitris Tzouris

Bringing the Learning to you: Virtual Professional Development Communities by Hazel Owe... - 64 views

    Interesting prezi presented at the 2010 Global Education Conference
Beth Panitz - 103 views

    Great videos to further understanding of subjects across the curriculum.
    Annenberg Media has a new name. Free teacher professional development videos. Student interactives and resources across the curriculum. 
Beth Panitz

Free PD Resources for Teachers: Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook Directory - 78 views

    Teacher Professional Development Directory can help you identify accredited programs, supplemental materials, software, workshops, and more.
Beth Panitz

Think Classroom Channel - 90 views

    Source for interactive tools and media, lessons, MD State Curriculum
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