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Contents contributed and discussions participated by amy musone

amy musone

What's on your refrigerator? | Connected Principals - 36 views

    What's on your refrigerator? Way to collect what's important to people...shared vision, everyone has a voice
amy musone

Civil War Quilt Project - 52 views

    Greg Wimmer's class combined art and history to create a symbolic Civil War quilt
amy musone

Connected Educators, Connected Families / Browse Our Publications / Publications & Reso... - 29 views

    Joe Mazza shares how families connect at his school.
Rachel Peters

Any Elementary Teachers using Diigo? - 100 views

Elementary intermediate
started by Rachel Peters on 02 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
  • amy musone
    I really like the idea of setting up a group of links for my students! I have a group started for colleagues, but didn't think about doing the same for the students. Thanks for the idea!
    Patrick Black wrote:
    > I've actually used in my primary age classroom. I saved links and shared them with my students account (ued the Education features to create a group). Then the kids used the links to do research on a simple research project.
    > Patrick
    > Rachel Peters wrote:
    > > If you've used Diigo successfully in your intermediate elementary class (ages 9-12) please share what you've done.
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