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ASCD Express 11.06 - Use Mobile Tech to Challenge and Engage Students - 34 views

    • ddavisfife
      iMovie (dynamic videos) another option WeVideo
  • students were challenged to think deeply
  • I gave the students complete autonomy on how to execute the task, which also increased their excitement about the assignment.
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  • Devices should drive engagement, pique curiosity, and encourage creativity.
  • If teachers design the activity well, students will be too absorbed in what they're doing to be off task.
  • one device to explore
  • another device, they posted
  • They posted their inferences to a shared Padlet wall so they could see one another's posts in real time.
  • they had 20 minutes to complete the activity, which was enough time for them to accomplish the task without getting bored or wandering off task.
  • Students have more opportunities to learn from one another, and they begin to value their peers as resources in the classroom.
  • It's hard for me to imagine that devices are a distraction if students are challenged and engaged.
  • This collaboration makes it hard for a student to be off task because the group relies on each member to contribute to the final product.
  • shared Google Document
  • dynamic videos
    • ddavisfife
      dynamic videos ~ WeVideo
Andrew Francois

Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer -- THE Journal - 27 views

    We complain about students switching out in class, but perhaps if we find ways to build in personal device time (5min social media breaks?) as a reward for focus time, the we may get better student engagement through the course of the class. Explicit permission to check email and social media - transparency.
Liane St. Laurent

Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer -- THE Journal - 68 views

    Great read for anyone looking to update restrictive policies. Take note of items 3 & 4 and consider how the affective dimension influences dstudent learning!
Donal O' Mahony

Returning slowly…One Device Per Group… | eLearning Island - 29 views

    Perhaps there is too much emphasis on the possibility of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) and not enough on One Device Per Group.
Michele Rosen

Animate Your Life | Tellagami - 100 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 03 Jun 13 - No Cached
    Create short animated films with audio, text, backgrounds and a 3D avatar on an Apple device, then share the video online. Ideal for sharing ideas, tasks or homework. Download the app at
    Great app for instruction and student projects. Here is a short tutorial on how easy it is to use,
Mark Gleeson

iTeach: The best 1:1 device is good teaching - 11 views

  • Devices come and go, but progressive teachers who adapt will sustain longer than any device
  • Usually this conversation is focused on what hardware works best for teaching and learning. While this is an important decision to make, it should not be the focus. In fact, the best devices a school can employ are great teachers.
  • We have reached a point in education technology where devices are, for the most part, adaptable.
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  • the best device a school can roll out is a teacher who can adapt to new and emerging technologies, does not always require formal training for learning and staying current, and is not tethered to a product (PowerPoint) in order to teach.
    As I mentioned earlier, the best device a school can roll out is a teacher who can adapt to new and emerging technologies, does not always require formal training for learning and staying current, and is not tethered to a product (PowerPoint) in order to teach. Education technology will continue to progress and part of this evolution will be for students and teachers to stay current with both curriculum and digital literacy. Even in the absence of technology, a great teacher will continually seek out ways to engage his or her students in great lessons, simulations or challenges.  
Jon Tanner

BYOD is the "most radical shift" in the workplace since the PC - 2 views

    Last year, research firm Gartner heralded the bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, phenomenon as the "most radical shift in enterprise client computing since the introduction of the PC." Such headlines often smack of hyperbole but so far, BYOD has lived up to expectations. If we are preparing students for the world of work, BYOD has to be part of that. Companies are experiencing the same challenges that schools are.

44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 - - 5 views

    • anonymous
      Using Symbaloo is a wonderful way of collaborating through blogs!
  • Point students in the right direction for creative tech tools.
    • anonymous
      Create a Symbaloo which shares all the tools a teacher suggests for different projects - could color-coordinate and steer students toward one color such as presentation tools, writing tools, etc.

Shift to the Future: Why BYOT? - 6 views

    • anonymous
      When learning moves to higher order and more critical thinking levels, students tend to internalize information and knowledge more and it "sticks" with them for longer - so it is more likely to become something that is applicable to other situations or to be generalized and applied.
    • anonymous
      Isn't it interesting how we put limits on the learning of students and we don't even realize we are doing so?
    • anonymous
      Right now, too many teachers are using technology in this more simplified, lower level way.  Instead, we need to be pushing students more to make predictions and take their thinking a step further.  I wonder if we, teachers, are pushing ourselves when it comes to thinking or are we simply teaching the same old, same old in the ways we learned eons ago...
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    • anonymous
      Why is it so hard to raise our expectations that students WILL have this technology?  If we consistently expect it, they will - we expect them to have a pencil...
    • anonymous
      key words:  integrated extension
    • anonymous
      Change has to happen.  If we keep doing the same thing, we will continually have the same results.  Do we want different results?  YES!
    • anonymous
      I was meeting with a teacher this week who had a wonderful lesson using a few websites to ID European countries and find information about each country.  There was a wee bit of critical thinking added into the mix of the assignment but I was still 'hungry for more' and feeling the need to nudge him and his students to the next level.  The green highlighted information is sort of what I was looking for to nudge him onward with in his lesson.  
Roland Gesthuizen

3 Ideas That Will Not Transform Schools - 146 views

    "In the spirit of "Festivus" and the tradition of "The Airing of Grievances" (sorry for the reference if you are not a Seinfeld fan), I wanted to share a couple of ideas that I think get way too much attention and definitely need some tweaking.  Although there is merit for each idea, they do little to transform the culture of a school yet I have seen many jump on their individual bandwagons"
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