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Matt Renwick

Finding Time for Interventions | All Things PLC | Powered by Solution Tree - 46 views

    This was interesting to me....but I wasn't so impressed with their "tool". But it might be a good first step for teams that aren't into the whole pre-assessment thing.

An Introduction to Tree Diagrams : - 81 views

    Using tree diagrams for handling probability using simple fractions.
Michelle Kassorla

Syntactic Tree Designer - 43 views

    Syntactic Tree is a designing program that allows you to draw and export tree diagrams with ease. It has been developed in Java platform so that it can be run in any computer that supports Java Virtual Machine. Besides the portability, the entire program is free of charge and its source code is available to public domain under GPL license.
Michelle Kassorla

Parse Tree Editor - 19 views

    Syntax Tree Editor (Free: Windows Only) a utility for drawing syntax tree diagrams. A syntax tree diagram is a visual representation of the structure of a sentence. The people who most often need to draw these diagrams are linguists, and the Syntax Tree Editor is designed with the needs of linguists in mind. Syntax Tree Editor can be freely downloaded and should work on any computer running a reasonably recent version of the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7).
    I found ONE! :) Still no Apple, though. Searching, searching, searching.
Tim Jefferson

wordTree_3lists - 3 views

    Enter various words in the different lists. Drag an apple to enlarge the word. This was demonstrated at a TeachMeet as a way for pupils to use certain words in their writing. When they needed to check the spelling, they could come up to the board and enlarge the word they wanted to make it clearer.
Martin Burrett

Make a Christmas - 34 views

    Design and print a Christmas Tree with this great click and drag application.
Adam Hildebrandt

Endangered tree octopus proves students believe everything they read on Internet | Mail... - 113 views

  • When it comes to the Internet, it seems kids will believe anything.But it was thought that something as absurd as an octopus that lives in a tree might be enough to cast some doubts in their minds - it wasn't.
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