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Maryann Angeroth

How To Google Like A Pro! Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks - YouTube - 78 views

Tricia Slechta

How Search Works - YouTube - 81 views

Tricia Slechta

How to Choose the Right Words for Best Search Results | MindShift - 100 views

Jac Londe

Power Searching with Google - 91 views

  • ower Searching with Google

    Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.

Maureen Greenbaum

Search Education - Google - 42 views

    Providing lessons for educating students on search techniques.
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    Help yourself and your students to become skilled searchers.
    Google has some fantastic lessons, activities, and resources to help students become efficient and proficient researchers. 
    "Help your students become better searchers "
    Lesson Plans & Activities: Download lesson plans to develop your students' search literacy skills. Browse lesson plans

    Power Searching: Improve your search skills and learn advanced tips with online lessons and activities.

    A Google a Day Challenges: Put your students' search skills to the test with these trivia challenges.
    Browse challenges

    Live Trainings:Join us for live search trainings or watch past trainings from search experts here at Google.
Bradley Robertson - 139 views

shared by Bradley Robertson on 04 Apr 12 - No Cached
    An innovative search engine built for education. Search via concept map, save searches in a personal journal. Great concept to check out. 
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    Search engine built for education.
    Diigo and Wolfram Alpha make a love child!
    Filtered search engine that presents related terms in a web + displays results for web sites, pictures, and some key facts on the right side of the page. Suggested by Jeremy Carver, 5/7/2012;

    **** NOTE: as of 5/7/2012 this site claims not to work in Internet Explorer ****
    Wow! I had a hard time pulling myself away. I'd like to experiment more with this tool. Thanks for sharing it.
    "To understand thoroughly and intuitively" - A search tool that show the inter-relatedness of a topic and allows users to graphically see the information relations.
    Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share. Free personal and low cost educational accounts.

12 Ways To Be More Search Savvy | MindShift - 7 views

     "it's our responsibility to teach kids how to find and research information, how to judge its veracity, and when it's time to ask for a grownup's help. "
Ian Jenkinson

Searching the Web - 7 views

    Weblinks on issues of interest to humanities studies.
Carol Mortensen

Google Web Search Education - 198 views


    Why teach search?
    Google understands the importance of finding the right information at the right time. We create tools to let you find the information you need, of the kind you need, when you need it. In most cases, a simple search works really well. But for more specialized questions, a bit of instruction in how to search improves all searcher--from middle school students to trained professionals--and lets you discover and use more, higher quality sources than ever before.
Bob Rowan

twtrland - 32 views

    analyzes a user's twitter profile to determine what they talk about frequently, how often they use twitter, and how often they are retweeted
Bob Rowan

Google +1 Button - 24 views

    Google adds "likes" to its searches with the new +1 button. Will thinks your friends "like" influence your results? If so, then your network of Google contacts will be more valuable than ever, since what they look at and like will affect what you see when searching Google
Bob Rowan

Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" | Video on - 16 views

    Interesting topic to think about, as sites identify things we might be interested in and tailor information to our existing likes, will that prevent us from being exposed to ideas that don't back up what we already think? Will that further the existing polarization in our society?
Kelvin Thompson

Google Cheat Sheet - 177 views

    Google-produced cheatsheet for increased search efficiency
Kimberly Brosan

Building Word Trees - 0 views

    Word trees are a way to categorize search terms when planning research. This offers sample trees, ideas for creating a tree, and a blank tree to work with when planning a search strategy.
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