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Elizabeth Resnick

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom| The Committed Sardine - 3 views

  • While it may seem obvious, all the iPads in the world are useless without fast WiFi and plenty of power outlets. What’s more, many schools forget that teachers need their own iPads, and must become avid users, too. Speirs reminds educators, “You have to think through how it is to actually live with this device.” Finally, Speirs cautions teachers not to be intimidated by parent and faculty expectations, to gradually introduce the iPad rather than rushing in. Teachers and school administrators may wish to refer to Ruben Puentedura’s excellent argument for tech in education and to the NMC Horizon Report. And look for inspiration in existing iPad pilots.
  • While it may seem obvious, all the iPads in the world are useless without fast WiFi and plenty of power outlets.
  • For instance, one might suggest that more efficient classrooms through the use of technology could allow for a shortened or staggered school day to serve more, smaller classes. But, according to Brovey, “It is difficult for us to imagine a school structure where [class time] becomes more fluid.”
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  • Twitter is the undisputed channel for everything from breaking news to political and cultural debates. How long can schools block access to it before they become completely irrelevant? The important thing when deciding school online policies, says Brovey, is that “you have to show that you’re exercising due diligence.”
  • allow teachers to bypass those filters, and to have a simple, fast whitelisting process, ideally from the page that appears when a user visits a blocked site.
    good apps list but leaves out Reflection: show your iPad/phone on the Mac screen.
Roy Sovis

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About - Edudemic - 159 views

Roy Sovis

7 Characteristics of A Digitally Competent Teacher - Edudemic - 63 views

    "7 Characteristics of A Digitally Competent Teacher"
Jim Tiffin Jr

The Tech Commandments - 204 views

    A Presenter at NYSCATE11, Adam Bellow lays out his ideas for the successful integration of technology into the existing educational system.

Technology Integration Edutopia - 8 views

    Effective technology integration is achieved when its use supports curricular goals. It must support four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts. This site explores these areas.
Roy Sovis

Let's Move! How Body Movements Drive Learning Through Technology | MindShift - 32 views

    "Let's Move! How Body Movements Drive Learning Through Technology"
Roy Sovis

Where education technology will - and won't - take us by 2024 - 65 views

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