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Session 227: How to get Children Reading for Pleasure | - Supporting the #... - 13 views

    Teacher discussion summary and archive full of ideas to get children reading for pleasure
Steve Ransom

The Most Important Lesson Schools Can Teach Kids About Reading: It's Fun - Jeffrey Wilh... - 42 views

  • pleasure is not incidental to reading—it’s essential
  • experience the pleasure of entering a story world
  • The pleasure of play is what readers experience when they become lost in a book
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  • not privilege intellectual pleasures, the characteristic province of school
  • You can sort of help yourself change in that way, and when you really admire a character in a book who’s really brave and stuff, you kind of can idolize them and become more like them. So it’s not really learning about yourself, it’s learning about what you could be.
  • teachers of reading and literature need to make pleasure more central to our practice. 
  • Our data also convinced us of the importance of choice
  • Students should have regular opportunities to behave the way adult readers do and choose their own reading.
    Suggests that when we over-emphasize the intellectual pleasures of reading, we kill the needed joy of reading in many students.
Javier E

Barry Sanders, Matt Biondi, and the Tiger Mom - James Fallows - Culture - The Atlantic - 36 views

  • What Chinese parents understand is that nothing is fun until you're good at it.'"An interesting idea, but is it true? Are activities only fun when we get good at them? And, conversely, does that mean that if we're good at something, it must also be fun--at least at some level?
  • research by Mihaily Csikszentmihalyi (of "Flow" fame) regarding what makes an activity fun. "The place where people are most engaged in an activity," McCann says, "and where they're having the most optimal experience, is where the challenge is about equal to your ability." 
  • "People are motivated by different things," explains Dr. David B. Coppel, a clinical and sport psychologist at the University of Washington. "There are some individuals who are process oriented, and some who are outcome-oriented. Individuals who are absorbed in the experience of being active or competing can have a great experience even if they don't win. But for those who derive their success and pleasure from successful outcomes, winning is more important."
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  • The best results, McCann says, have to come from an internally motivated sense of fun and love of what you're doing.
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