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Martin Burrett

Activities after SATs Exams - 11 views

    "Activities after SATs Exams"
Martin Burrett

Design Your Own Gingerbread House - 14 views

    Design your own Christmas Gingerbread house with is fun activity. Once you have finished you can print out your creation.
Megan N-B

Home of the Office of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention - - 2 views

  • has both guidelines and health information and communication resources
  • has both guidelines and health information and communication resources

Pinterest - 39 views

    Dimension ball of a poem

Resource: Design your own Airline | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education C... - 18 views

    Take off in the classroom

Activity: 3D Dragon Illusion - 57 views

    Nice colour and cut-out activity

Classroom Activity - Choices - 50 views

    images can support tutor time, circle time, philosophical thinking, or to prompt a classroom discussion with pupils. The choices within this activity should be challenged by the teacher / group by asking the individuals to justify their decision. Simple questions such as, "Why did you choose that one?"; "How did you come to that decision?"; "What is the first thing you would do if you were granted your choice?"; "How could you make the world a better place with the choice you have decided?"; and so on!
Ruth Sinker

Windows Keyboard PDF - 59 views

    PDF booklet intended to help students and teachers get more familiar with a Windows keyboard. Includes blank keyboard layouts in both Full and Focused options.
Steven Szalaj

BBC News - Active brain 'keeps dementia at bay' - 37 views

    Results of a study published in Neurology that adds weight to the idea that dementia onset can be delayed by lifestyle factors such as reading writing, exercise and diet.
Brandie Hayes

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies >> Carbon City - 19 views

    Great activity to help students use NASA data in order to develop a community-based strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Includes additional resources (articles, websites, NASA instruments) to help students learn about CO2 emissions, what is being done around the world, to decrease CO2 emissions, and what they can do. 
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Tweetping - See Twitter activity in real time - 1 views

    See Twitter activity in real time. The site's map develops into a current population map. Challenge students to make observations as the map changes.
Sarah Scholl

Activity 4: Writing comments - What you need to know | Edublogs Teacher Challenges - 88 views

  • Teaching quality commenting skills
  • If commenting skills are not taught and constantly reinforced, students will limit their comments to things like “I like your blog!” or “2KM is cool!”. While enthusiasm is high with these sorts of comments, students are not developing their literacy skills or having meaningful interactions with other members of the blogging community. Conversations in the comment section of a blog are such rich and meaningful learning experiences for students. Conversations begin with high quality comments.
  • Check out improvements in student literacy skills through commenting here.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • How to teach quality commenting Kathleen teaches commenting skills through: Modelling and composing comments together with students on the interactive whiteboard. Teaching students about the “letter” format and editing process during writing lessons. Giving examples of a poor/high quality comments and having students vote whether the comment should be accepted or rejected. Example of a Sorting blog comments activity devised for our students here. Having students read and comment on a post on our blog as part of a literacy rotation on the computer each week. Taking students to the ICT room once a week to work on composing a quality comment with a partner. Emailing parents and encouraging them to write comments on the blog with their child.
  • Activities for developing student commenting skills
  • own or facilitate a collaborative discussion with students to create together (you could include this video as part of the process). Develop a quality comment evaluation guide.  Refer to Linda Yollis’s Learning how to comment. Write a blog post about commenting and what you define as a quality comment. Have your students practise leaving a “quality” comment on the post.
  • Create a commenting guideline poster (see poster example below) – develop your
  • “quality” comment on the post.
  • Create a commenting guideline for your blog.  Here’s an example.
    some good tips on helping students learn how to make appropriate comments on blogs
Peter Beens

A Google a Day - 0 views

    Challenge friends and climb the leaderboard as you unlock up to 10 questions a day on Google+. (a great way to teach search techniques)
Peter Beens

Who Makes the Rules in a Classroom? Seven Ideas About Rule-making - Teacher in a Strang... - 85 views

  • What made collaborative rule-creation more effective in building a smoothly functioning class?
  • It never felt as if we were wrestling with the really important issues: Building a functioning community. Safety. Personal dignity. Kindness. Order. Academic integrity. Democracy.
  • No matter what rules you put on paper, your most important job is role-modeling those practices, not enforcing them
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • On the other hand, do give clear instructions about what kids don't know. What to do when a tornado is spotted
  • Rules shouldn't restate the obvious. "No cheating" is a stupid rule. "Bring a pencil to class" is a silly rule.
  • You're shooting for influence, not control
  • Integrity helps build community. The most important directives in democratic classrooms are around ethical practices: A clear definition of cheating, understood by all students, in the digital age
  • Carrots and sticks are temporary nudges toward desirable behavior at best, but ultimately destructive
  • We want kids to behave appropriately because they understand that there are rewards for everyone in a civil, well-managed school.
    Some guidelines for involving students in the creation of the class rules. 
K Couch

Tube Activity - 5 views

    Nice nature of science activities for the classroom. 
Gerald Carey

Maths and Stats by Email activity archive - 1 views

    A reasonable number of Maths activities developed by the children's arm of the Australian group, CSIRO. You can get them delivered regularly by email if you subscribe.
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