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Deborah Baillesderr

Commonlit - 54 views

    "COMMONLIT is a collection of poems, short stories, news articles, historical documents, and literature for classrooms."
Deborah Baillesderr

Online Reading Activities | Read Theory - 51 views

    "The quickest, most intelligent way to improve K-12 reading comprehension.
    Read Theory adapts to student ability to provide the perfect reading passages and questions.
    Our program is completely free for an unlimited number of teacher and student users."
victoria waddle

I've Got Research. Yes, I Do. I've Got Research. How About You? | Donalyn Miller - 52 views

    I'm frequently asked to substantiate with research my opinions about independent reading. I don't mind. The research is ubiquitous and it doesn't take me much time to find it. While I am happy to provide websites, journal articles, and book recommendations for colleagues seeking more information about reading research, I often wonder why people ask for it. Does anyone go to the basketball coach and ask her to provide research to support why players are running plays and practicing shots? Does anyone go to the band director and ask him why musicians are playing their instruments during band class?
Matt Renwick

Reading with Discernment - School in the Cloud - 35 views

  • It’s quite remarkable what children will achieve when adults have confidence in them.
    "It's quite remarkable what children will achieve when adults have confidence in them."
Tony Bollino

How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read | WIRED - 44 views

    • Tony Bollino
      Yep!  The kids do this at home.
    Article with some research on the benefits of reading and minecraft.  Students seek information at higher reading levels to learn minecraft.
Penny Roberts

Reading Australia - Home - 17 views

    Copyright agency resources pages for Australian schools.

Session 234 - Literacy Subject Special - 2 views

    Summary and Storify from #UKEdChat Literacy Subject Special
Matt Renwick

New 'Toys' for Your Students' Publishing Toolbox - 63 views

    Tackk,PowToon for Education and Smore
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