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4 Tips for Remote PBL: How I Did the "Making Space for Change" Project | PBLWorks - 18 views

  • Flesh out your project milestones.
  • The “project milestones” table in the PBLWorks project planner is an excellent tool for organizing specific activities for logical student workflow
Craig Dunlap

Genius Hour on Steroids - 57 views

How students will be innovating next year. Read on..

Genius Hour

started by Craig Dunlap on 06 Apr 15 no follow-up yet
Glenn Hervieux

Five-Minute Film Festival: Genius Hour | Edutopia - 73 views

    Want to explore the "Genius Hour" concept. These videos and links will help introduce you to an approach many are embracing.

Genius Hour - 70 views

I am reading the book. It is very interesting. Hope to be able to do Genius Hour with my students. I look forward to posts here in this thread to know more about how others implement Genius Hour.

genius hour 20% Time


Taking Student Genius Global | Smore - 27 views

    Quest2Matter - Angela Maiers
Matt Renwick

The Genius Who Plays For A Living | Popular Science - 35 views

  • Hirsh-Pasek found that the second group—the ones engaged in what she calls guided play—came up with the most creative solutions. The same idea applies to scientists, she says: They do their best work when they’re free to play around with a known set of problems.
  • “Scientists actually are the few people who as adults get to have this protected time when they can just explore, play, figure out what the world is like.”
  • “We know each other so well that it makes for a really effective combination,” Erik says. “He’s always trying to reinject some playfulness into my serious work. It lets us do things that neither of us could do.”
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  • play is fundamental to science
  • When I ask him later why he chooses to teach the way he does, he answers simply, “I think this is a cool way of working, and more people should work this way. Sadly, not everyone does, so I try to pass it on.”
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