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Deborah Baillesderr

Duck Soup | ESheet Creator - 82 views

    "You can take any document or pdf in your google drive or computer and easily make it an online instantly graded activity. And best of all... YOUR STUDENTS CAN WRITE ON IT LIKE IT'S PAPER!"
Roland Gesthuizen

8 Ways For Teachers To Save Time In The Classroom - 149 views

    "Teachers think about a lot during the course of a school day - from planning lessons tied to the core curriculum to making sure Jimmy gets home on the right bus. One thing teachers often do not think about is saving themselves time, but they should."
Roland Gesthuizen - 29 views

    "This paper will discuss the benefits, problems, and possible solutions to teaching a Microeconomics class in a completely paperless classroom. The use of the iPad is examined as a tool to move students from the typical technology infused classroom into a truly mobile environment. "
Jennifer Diaz

The History 2.0 Classroom: Paperless Research Paper X iPads - 124 views

    Ipad research project in a year 10 classroom
Kate Pok

Paperless - How I Teach From The Cloud « Mister Norris - 169 views

  • I utilized the stack feature so that I have two main stacks in Evernote, private notebooks and work related notebooks. In the work stack I have two notebooks, one for school related notes (to do lists, things to share in future meetings, substitute plans, etc.) and another that I have named lessons. In the lessons notebook, I have one note per week of the school year. Inside that I have a list of all of the classes I teach in age order. Underneath each class I write my lesson in. This is constantly updated, usually straight after a class so I know what to teach the follow week. So when I show up to a class, I can open up my computer or get out my iPhone, go to the lessons notebook, click the week we are in and I have my lesson plan outlined. I’ve been doing this for fifteen weeks now and I find this an excellent way to stay organized. I have a searchable list of all of the lessons that I have taught. I can copy and paste if a class is cancelled or if it carries on for longer than expected. I can adapt my lesson plan straight away to add what was actually taught in the lesson as opposed to what I planned to teach. I can plan weeks in advance without worrying about having to cross something out. It is the ultimate organization tool.
Warren Apel

Ecoballot announces half-price "social media" sale on e-voting subscriptions for schools. - 10 views

    For a limited time only, you can get a 50% discount on your annual subscription price by following @Ecoballot on twitter and liking them on Facebook.
Jennifer Carey

An update to going paperless with the iPad | Feker - 105 views

    A great blog post about using the iPad to go paperless! 
Warren Apel

Ecoballot - 70 views

    Online paperless voting system for schools. Good for school board elections, student government elections, and teaching government / civics class.
Tony Iannone

Moving Toward the Paperless Institute - National Writing Project - 16 views

  • But in our 2007 summer institute, we facilitators wondered aloud, "What if these responses could be put online?" Within minutes, Eric ignited a sea of change in Red Clay by creating a way for fellows to answer these questions via an online survey tool. Now, instead of mad scribbling, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night, the sounds at the end of any day in the summer institute have become mad typing, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night."
    This quote gets me thinking about ways that our own Writing Project is moving towards a paperless institute.
Ed Webb

Paperless Tiger « buckenglish - 0 views

  • Does this jettisoning of time-honored titles mean that the paperless classroom is also lacking a creator, controller and grader?  Is the paperless classroom also a teacherless paradigm?  The answer is in some regards, yes.  I have removed myself from center stage.  I have relinquished the need to control every class.  I have stopped seeing work as stagnant…completed and submitted by students and then graded by me.  I have let go of my need to pre-plan months at a time, in favor of following the path that unfolds as we learn together.  My classes are not, however, teacherless, just less about the teaching and more about the learning.  The students know that I am ready and willing to be student to their insights, that they can teach, create, control and even evaluate their own learning.
  • In the absence of my control, the students have many choices to make
  • Teachers often say that modern students are lazy.  I have long felt that as the shifting winds of technology began to gain force, we teachers were the ones who were unwilling to do the work of rethinking our roles and meeting the students were they were learning already.  Rethinking paper as the primary tool of class is a step in the right direction because it forces a rethinking of the how and why of teaching and learning.
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