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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Mr Burks

Maggie Tsai

Need insight on what school IT depts want to know - 65 views

school firewall whitelist
started by Maggie Tsai on 30 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr Burks
    I am fortunate in that Diigo was not blocked, but when I took my students into the computer lab and had them logged into the accounts I had set up for them, we found out that they could not see the highlights I had made for them on the sites I had set up in my groups. They could not download the Diigo toobar because they did not have the permission rights. When I tried to install the toolbar under my login, it worked more me, but completely killed IE for them. I have reported this to my IT folks and they are supposed to work on it next week.


    Maggie Tsai wrote:
    > Some schools are treating Diigo like all other SN sites and putting it on its block list. We'd like to prepare something to share Diigo's key features & benefits & how it works to make it easy for them to whitelist diigo and make it available for educators and students in school.
    > We'd like to learn what issues are important to them, so we can better address them. If you have some insight, please feel free to share your thought. Thanks!
Mr Burks

Re-ordering bookmarks - 108 views

  • Mr Burks
    I am loving this and the potential is huge. I have noticed that I would like a specific order for the bookmarks for my students (and of course I did not preserve them in that order.) Does anyone know a way to sort or re-order bookmarks?
  • Mr Burks
    I like the way I can reorder bookmarks within a list by moving them up or down and to the top or bottom. I found I do not create things in the order I want students to find them, but I would like them to go throup my bookmarks in a group in a specific order.

    Along these sames lines, I have now found out as I experiment with this more, that while I can move around bookmarks within a List, I cannot reorder my Lists. Any possibility that that functionality can be added?

    Thanks for everything. We are working on an IT issue with the toolbar and hope to be fully underway soon after the Thanksgiving break.

    Maggie Tsai wrote:
    > Are you referring to sorting within a group? Currently with group bookmarks, the order can be displayed via "Time created", "New comments" "Thumb ups - group popular vote' We're evaluating more ways to sort such as alphabetical. Any input here?
    > FYI: if you use a Diigo List, you can have full control of the order
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