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Gil Anspacher

Diigo EDU School Account Admin Questions - 99 views

started by Gil Anspacher on 25 Apr 11
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  • Gil Anspacher
    I am setting up Diigo for our school. The EDU accounts seem more class/teacher based. But as a tech integration person, I want to set up a Diigo account for all of my students under one EDU account and then set-up groups for each class and give teachers admin roles in those groups. Luckily we are a small school of 108 students and 10 teachers (IB: MYP/DP). I have an EDU account all set-up and ready to go. Any advice how best to approach this? Any chance of GoogleApps integration coming? That would make it so much easier.
  • Elizabeth McCarthy
    The help feature explains how to add your students and create groups.
  • Gil Anspacher
    Yes, I read that. But it does not mention how to deal with teachers. In a perfect world, I could upload a csv with groups for each student and then a csv with teacher admins for each group. For now, I am seeking how to put teachers into the system under our EDU account without having each teacher sign-up individually and each request an EDU account.

  • Jason Schmidt
    As far as I know, there is no district or school feature for Diigo educator accounts. Each teacher will need to create an account (or you can create special accounts for them in the teacher console). From there, I don't think there would be anything stopping you from having the teachers create groups for their classes and having the students join them. I can't remember if 'student' accounts can create groups or not. If not, you as the admin could create groups for the classes and assign the students to the appropriate groups.

    This is something I'm pretty sure Diigo is looking at, but it wouldn't hurt to put in a feature request. This could be a powerful tool...
  • João Brogueira
    Diigo is not interested in develop a truly school edu account. I propose that to them through an email on November 2010 and I'm still waiting for an answer. Diigo will enlarge largely its base of clients if looks to this edu subject with truly and sincere interest.
  • Gil Anspacher
    And if they did this through Google Apps integration, it would be so easy to implement. Google Apps seems like the most viable conduit for bringing together all of these EDU services that are critical tools to the process we have developed for our students.
  • Elizabeth McCarthy
    Yes, this would make sense to add to the Google Marketplace for third party apps for the education edition would be perfect.

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