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Contents contributed and discussions participated by kris james

kris james

Making and reading maps in the 21st century - 109 views

  • Time Charts of Cartography: Includes a comprehensive index of maps from ancient times to the present, with links to images.
    • kris james
      This resource sounds like it would be helpful in multiple history lessons.
  • types of information (geographical, political, and demographic) that digital maps can provide
    • kris james
      A vital tool for a problem-based learning lesson
kris james

Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students - 8 views

  • student satisfaction with the immediate feedback
    • kris james
      What is the most cost effective way to provide individualized, immediate feedback? Is it reasonable to do this without paying for subscription services?
kris james

Missing Students in Classroom Account - 51 views

Diigo Classroom Console missing students can we fix it?
started by kris james on 25 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
  • kris james
    I created a classroom of 21 students, got them really fired up about using Diigo to track their research and annotate their sources...and then half the class disappeared. These students can't log in and they no longer appear in my teacher console. They used the program successfully for about three weeks, then ZAP! They disappear! Can we retrieve these accounts and the research connected with them?
kris james

Teacher Console | Diigo - 185 views

shared by kris james on 12 Jul 10 - Cached
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