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Roland Gesthuizen

Electron Config.m4v - YouTube - 44 views

    "How to write electron configurations using the periodic table, or why I think that is a great tool for chemistry students!"
Marc Schreiber

The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham - 167 views

    A website containing links to videos associated with specific elements of the periodic table... and the links are arranged as found on the table itself! The links jump to various YouTube videos that are embedded in the site.

    There are a number of other video resources found on the site, so be sure to explore as much as you can.
Gerald Carey

Dynamic Periodic Table - 182 views

    Wow. I know there are a lot of Periodic Tables around but this one is spectacular. More information than you will need in a life time of study.
    Very interactive.
Michele Brown

The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham - 83 views

    Worth seeing again if you have already seen it. Has videos of every element in the periodic table.
    A set of short video clips from the University of Nottingham showcasing each element of the periodic table.
    Videos that explain elements from the periodic table
Annie Drapeau

Tableau Périodique (French Periodic Table) - 108 views

    Superb interactive periodic table of elements.
Kristin Day

Tom Lehrer's "The Elements". A Flash animation by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand - 44 views

    A Flash animation by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Deborah Batzer

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements - 177 views

    This site contains comic book images linked to the chemical elements via the periodic table. Comics include Uncle $crooge, Metal Men, Metamorpho, Batman, Fantastic Four, Superman, and many more."> The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements <script language="JavaScript"><!--function Get_Cookie(name) { var start = document.cookie.indexOf(name+"="); var len = start+name.length+1; if ((!start) && (name != document.cookie.substring(0,name.length))) return null; if (start == -1) return null; var end = document.cookie.indexOf(";",len); if (end == -1) end = document.cookie.length; return unescape(document.cookie.substring(len,end));} function Set_Cookie(name,value,expires,path,domain,secure) { path = "/"; document.cookie = name + "=" +escape(value) + ( (expires) ? ";expires=" + expires.toGMTString() : "") + ( (path) ? ";path=" + path : "") + ( (domain) ? ";domain=" + domain : "") + ( (secure) ? ";secure" : "");} var today = new Date();var expires = new Date(today.getTime() + (56 * 86400000)); function set() { Set_Cookie("userid",rot13(document.logonForm.userid.value),expires); Set_Cookie("password",rot13(document.logonForm.password.value),expires);}function get() { document.logonForm.userid.value = rot13(Get_Cookie("userid")); document.logonForm.password.value = rot13(Get_Cookie("password"));}// make sure old_location has a valueold_location = ""; function helpClick() { if (old_location) { Set_Cookie("help_return",old_location); }}//--></script>
Louise Maine

Pertiodic table of the elements - 33 views

    A great periodic table of the elements
    Find what the elements are used for in this fascinating periodic table.
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