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J Yates

A Few Questions - View Annotations filter - 62 views

Just to answer my own question, I've just found that a moderator has the ability to delete individual comments on a page if viewing them from the expand button on the bookmark in the groups page (a...

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Google Moderator This I Believe about Learning - 0 views

    Google Moderator Demonstration: Nine Beliefs about Learning Drawn from Stephanie Pace Marshall's The Power to Transform
Martin Burrett

Teens need vigorous physical activity and fitness to cut heart risk - 10 views

    "Guidelines for teenagers should stress the importance of vigorous physical activity and fitness to cut the risk of heart disease, new research suggests. Current NHS guidelines say people aged 5 to 18 should do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day to improve their current and future health. But in a study of adolescents aged 12 to 17, University of Exeter researchers found significant differences between the effects of moderate activity (such as brisk walking) and vigorous activity (activity that leaves people out of breath, such as team sports or running around a playground)."
Cheryl Colan

Google Moderator - 86 views

    Let your audience decideGet to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most.Everyone's voice is heardThe voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it simple and easy to participate.Be creativeInclude people in your preparation for lectures, interviews and hard decisions or work together to organize feature requests and brainstorm new ideas.
    "Get to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. " This page kicks it off. Click the "Learn more" link to go to the how-to page.
Martin Burrett

Tinkatolli - 99 views

    This is a fun, cute, social 3D island world designed especially with children in mind. Children make an avatar and follow a quick tutorial and explanation of safety rules. The children can take their characters on quests, play educational games and interact with other users of the site. A fabulous feature of the site is that users are encouraged to 'make and do' offline as well. These activities can be uploaded to a scrapbook and multimedia blog. Offline activities also generate points in the game. The scrapbook is defaulted to private and no photos of children will be approved by moderators if the scrapbook is public. All the usual safety features are in place, including a 'report' and 'block' other users button. The basic account with most features is free, but there are optional 'paid for' extras.
Marc Patton

Citi | Foundation - 0 views

    The Citi Foundation supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low- to moderate-income people in communities where Citi operates.
Mark Gleeson

LendMeYourLiteracy » Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. - 2 views

  • is a unique online resource base for teachers and students of Literacy.A one stop website for examples of good pieces of literacy work written by children and not just models written in a text book.Teachers can use these pieces of work for moderation purposes and an aid to good teaching, inspiring children to believe…"If they can do it, I can too!"
Roland Gesthuizen

Dipping into Social Media in the Classroom | EdSurge News - 33 views

    "Once the group moved past testimonials of the power of social media, co-moderators Susan Bearden, Sharon Plante, and I helped everyone dig in to discuss how social media should be used effectively in the classroom and how to encourage more colleagues to drink from the river. Bring out your buckets and spoons! "
Judy Robison

Mobile Learning Academy | Verizon Corporate Responsibility - 34 views

    "Verizon Foundation is launching the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy, a virtual, moderated professional development course offered to teams of educators for free. The course includes five modules developed around ISTE standards. Course modules are designed to help teachers, administrators and tech coaches implement effective mobile learning initiatives in their schools and classrooms. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered to teachers completing the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy course."
Jason Finley

VoiceThread - About - Features - 69 views

    "With VoiceThread, group conversations are collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. All with no software to install. A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too. Users can doodle while commenting, use multiple identities, and pick which comments are shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can even be embedded to show and receive comments on other websites and exported to MP3 players or DVDs to play as archival movies."
Martin Burrett

3 percent of children hit daily activity target - 4 views

    "Only one in 30 children does the recommended amount of daily physical activity, new research suggests. Guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer say people aged five to 18 should do at least 60 minutes of "moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity" every day. Previous research has often used less than seven days of data on children's activity and created an average based on that."
Lauren Rosen

Dotstorming - 90 views

    Create a pinterest-like board, participants can add their own ideas, youtube videos, images, etc. Vote on the ones that you like the best. It's like combining padlet, pinterest, and the now defunct Google moderator. 

Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment - 52 views

    Teachers post topics and then students are able to respond with a short video clip. Students can then view and comment on responses (moderated by teacher). Free and paid versions.
Martin Burrett

Bouncy Balls - 30 views

    "Want a new way to moderate the volume in your class? Tell them not to make the balls bounce with this great resource. There are new modes including bubbles, and emojis."

Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg - 35 views

  • There are keynote speakers—often the people who created the technology at hand or crafted a given language. There are the regular speakers, often paid not at all or in airfare, who present some idea or technique or approach. Then there are the panels, where a group of people are lined up in a row and forced into some semblance of interaction while the audience checks its e-mail.
  • Fewer than a fifth of undergraduate degrees in computer science awarded in 2012 went to women, according to the National Center for Women & Information Technology
  • The average programmer is moderately diligent, capable of basic mathematics, has a working knowledge of one or more programming languages, and can communicate what he or she is doing to management and his or her peers
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • The true measure of a language isn’t how it uses semicolons; it’s the standard library of each language. A language is software for making software. The standard library is a set of premade software that you can reuse and reapply.
  • A coder needs to be able to quickly examine and identify which giant, complex library is the one that’s the most recently and actively updated and the best match for his or her current needs. A coder needs to be a good listener.
  • Code isn’t just obscure commands in a file. It requires you to have a map in your head, to know where the good libraries, the best documentation, and the most helpful message boards are located. If you don’t know where those things are, you will spend all of your time searching, instead of building cool new things.
  • Some tools are better for certain jobs.
  • C is a simple language, simple like a shotgun that can blow off your foot. It allows you to manage every last part of a computer—the memory, files, a hard drive—which is great if you’re meticulous and dangerous if you’re sloppy
  • Object-oriented programming is, at its essence, a filing system for code.
  • Where C tried to make it easier to do computer things, Smalltalk tried to make it easier to do human things.
  • Style and usage matter; sometimes programmers recommend Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style—that’s right, the one about the English language. Its focus on efficient usage resonates with programmers. The idiom of a language is part of its communal identity.
  • Coding is a culture of blurters.
  • Programmers carve out a sliver of cognitive territory for themselves and go to conferences, and yet they know their position is vulnerable.
  • Programmers are often angry because they’re often scared.
  • Programming is a task that rewards intense focus and can be done with a small group or even in isolation.
  • For a truly gifted programmer, writing code is a side effect of thought
  • As a class, programmers are easily bored, love novelty, and are obsessed with various forms of productivity enhancement.
  • “Most programming languages are partly a way of expressing things in terms of other things and partly a basic set of given things.”
  • Of course, while we were trying to build a bookstore, we actually built the death of bookstores—that seems to happen a lot in the business. You set out to do something cool and end up destroying lots of things that came before.
    A lengthy but worthy read for all non-programmers on code.
    Explains code
Amadeu Marin

AppEducation | Twitter is a Teacher Superpower! - 80 views

    This post explains the "why" and "how" of Twitter in teacher friendly terms. Joanne Fox is an elementary ed. teacher who helps moderate #Caedchat on Sunday evenings when she's not teaching and tweeting. Make Twitter your Superpower as a teacher or administrator.
    A great introduction on how to use twitter to establish a PLN.

Wikispaces - Wikis for Teachers - 85 views

    • hollandchris
      Wikispaces is a power online collaborative tool.  Giving students the opportunity to collaborate on assignments is something I have been looking to expand on in my lessons.  I want to allow collaborative opportunities for my students, as it is a skill that will be necessary in their post secondary endeavors.  Wikispaces seems to be just what I have been looking for.  Wikispaces will allow for accountable online collaboration that I can easily direct and moderate.
    free, private, secure space for educators
    Free space to set up your class WIKIs. Excellent place for class collaboration and organization. One of those "I can't do without this" tools.
David Longman

Forum - Technology for Learning - 2 views

    • David Longman
      A short comment here to give an example of what this might look like would be helpful.
  • Gilly Salmon's Five Stage Model
    • David Longman
      Good idea here though the link only repeats the diagram you have already shown.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • vibes
    • David Longman
      and these are?
  • (JOLT, 2010)
    • David Longman
      Not in refs
Mark Trerotola

Voicethread - 1 views

    Voicethread is a grouped conversation that is collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. Say you upload a picture, document, or video - anyone you share it with will be able to communicate with you and comment on the media you've shared. There are five different ways someone can comment/communicate with you on Voicethread - Record (mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (webcam).
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