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Martin Burrett

What Should Teachers Actually Mark? by @RichardJARogers - 22 views

    "As teachers, we are messing up our schedules and creating added stress because we do not ruthlessly prioritise enough. It's absolutely essential. All marking is important: every student must receive feedback and acknowledgement for their efforts. However, you may have to give your exam-preparation classes greater quality feedback that your younger classes at certain points in the year. You may also have to give it back in a more swift and timely manner too (e.g. when you've just finished the mock exams, or when you've had an end-of-unit test)."
Martin Burrett

Marking: Why, What and How? by @RichardJARogers - 15 views

    "As a PGCE Student going through two school placements in North Wales back in 2005, I found it hard to keep up with daily admin. Just planning lessons and trying to deliver stimulating content and keeping the students engaged throughout, was challenging enough. Marking: I dreaded it, and found it almost impossible to fit it into my weekly regimen of teaching, planning and completing assignments for university."
Martin Burrett

Marking: Why It Doesn't Work by @guruteaching - 27 views

    It consumed every evening and at least one day of the weekend. I had no life and the cycle repeated itself every week until the summer holidays. I hated marking. Oh, and by the way, it made no difference! I was ticking and flicking, leaving comments that were far too generic and the marking often went unnoticed or unacknowledged by the students. So, I've stopped. Or at least, I've stopped doing what I was doing. Now, my marking is less frequent but makes a much greater difference to the progress of my students.

ASCD Express 10.07 - Field Notes: Three Ways I Changed What My Grades Say - 38 views

    My article
Sue Ann Miller

Streamline the writing (and grading) process with Google Drive - gCON for GAFE - Google+ - 85 views

    Google hangout - webinar - great tips and tricks for using Google Drive for the writing classroom

Response: 'The Grading System We Need to Have' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Ed... - 37 views

    What do we need to do to fix our grading system?
Kelsey Vroomunn

Aggregating google forms quizzes for easy grading - Chimera EDUCATION - 70 views

    Workflow to grade multiple google forms quizzes at once
Amy Roediger

iDoceo for paperless recordkeeping for the iPad - 20 views

    A grade book, planner, diary, schedule and resource manager all in one app. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages as you input your assessment data. You can insert and edit any kind of information for a class, student and semester visually, no more boring spreadsheets. Scroll, expand, filter, export, import and view your information at any time. No internet connection is required. iDoceo will work with any kind of grading system, you can even create your own. You will not miss you old paper grade book again.
Don Doehla

Education Update:How We Got Grading Wrong, and What to Do About It:How We Got Grading W... - 72 views

    "Rubrics hold a mirror up to your objectives for an assessment task. Matt Townsley remembers well the day he looked into this mirror and didn't like what he saw. "I realized my criteria were mostly about how neat the project looked. It hit me that students could do well without knowing a whole lot about the learning objective."
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    "Rubrics hold a mirror up to your objectives for an assessment task. Matt Townsley remembers well the day he looked into this mirror and didn't like what he saw. "I realized my criteria were mostly about how neat the project looked. It hit me that students could do well without knowing a whole lot about the learning objective."
    This sounds like an interesting article that someone took the time out to put up here on Diigo. There's only one problem, this seems to be some sort of "pay to view" site. Visitors actually cannot see the article in question (well, they get a 2-paragraph preview). Diigo friends, please don't point to sites that don't give the full information.
    Actually, one need not pay, but to read the whole article, one does have to sign in - the account is free, and I understand some don't want to sign in. Still, the article raises some good points.
Randolph Hollingsworth

CrowdGrader: Crowdsourcing the Evaluation of Homework Assignments - 57 views

    Article on how their new crowdsourced grading platform worked for Computer Science students

Massive MOOC Grading Problem - Stanford HCI Group Tackles Peer Assessment - moocnewsand... - 1 views

    "Six weeks into Coursera's Passion Driven Statistics course from Wesleyan University, students received a notice that they would participate in a new kind of peer-based grading exercise for their final projects."
Steve Ransom

NCTE Position Statement on Machine Scoring - 9 views

  • Conclusions that computers can score as well as humans are the result of humans being trained to score like the computers (for example, being told not to make judgments on the accuracy of information). 
  • Computer scoring systems can be "gamed" because they are poor at working with human language, further weakening the validity of their assessments and separating students not on the basis of writing ability but on whether they know and can use machine-tricking strategies.
    Important and well written
Andrew Spinali

Assessment of Learning with a Competency-Based System: How to Start | Connected Principals - 77 views

  • In a sense, a formative assessment is practice and is, therefore, not heavily weighted in the grading system.” At Sanborn Regional High School, summative assignments must account for at least 90% of a final course grade.
  • We do not make use of averaging by quarters or trimesters to compute a student’s final course grade. Instead, our students know that their grade will be calculated based on all of their work for the entire course.  
  • Reassessment: Reassessment is an important part of any competency-based grading system. Students learn at different rates, and they need multiple chances to demonstrate mastery of a competency or skill.
Michelle Kassorla

Engrade - 1 views

    This is an excellent, well used, stable, secure grading program that is FREE. It includes some bells and whistles: Attendance, Weighted Assignments, Integrated Quiz and Discussion, Messaging, Wikis, Flashcards, and Calendar. The gradebook can be easily exported to Excel to upload into Banner, etc. It is available on multiple-platforms via app and web. My students take their quizzes on their phone, iPad, laptop. The perfect BYOD grading program. For School Systems, they offer a paid service where administrators and parents can see the gradebook.
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