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MoodleDocs. (2013). Moodle Community Sites Forum. - 9 views

  • Managing a Moodle course
    This item will be referenced in my paper, but is not a part of the 3 item diigo annotated bibliography. Moodle Docs is the documentation for Moodle, written by the Moodle community. It is based on wiki technology and is powered by MediaWiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia. The Moodle LMS will be used in the Professional Development plan that I will be referencing in my paper. This documentation will help support my plan as it moves forward.

Moodle for Teachers (v. 4) Starts March 1st - 96 views

  • is hosting another M4T course this coming March 1st.  This session will run from 3/1/10 to 3/31/10. M4T is a collaboratively taught Moodle training course for Moodle beginners.  Each week covers Moodle and online pedagogy equally and culminates with weekly live sessio
Maria José Vitorino

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers - Cat's Pyjamas - 115 views

  • A few weeks ago, a Social Media Cheat Sheet was doing the round. A nice visualization of the pro’s & cons of each social media channel, but with a business/marketing focus. I thought I should do one for social media use in education. However for most of the teachers I work with, our Moodle (EIT Online) is still their primary online teaching environment. So instead I set out to create this poster size guide for teachers, allowing them to compare the functionality and pedagogical advantages of some standard Moodle tools, adding a column to indicate how tricky the tool is to set up.
    PDF guide to Moodle tools
    Poster of the functions of Moodle
Chris Betcher

MoodleMayhem - 162 views

    The Moodle Mayhem Group is a community of Moodle-using educators who have joined together to pool their creative innovations regarding the use of Moodle with K-12, as well as adult learners.
    This is an excellent resource for my district!
Dennis OConnor

California State University to Offer Moodle through Moodlerooms - 1 views

    Long Beach, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) November 20, 2008 -- Moodlerooms, a full-service provider for Moodle, the popular open source online learning management system (LMS), announced today that it will be collaborating with the California State University to provide essential services such as hosting, training, and support for the CSU campuses that choose Moodle for their LMS needs. Moodlerooms will be one of two options, Angel Learning was also selected, to provide learning management services for the CSU.
Marty Daniel

Grow a Moodle - 0 views

    I have been thinking about and scouring the net for 'best' models of trying to get teachers to use Moodle for some time. I have tried a few things myself with mixed success until the most obvious thing hit me.
    I have been thinking about and scouring the net for 'best' models of trying to get teachers to use Moodle for some time. I have tried a few things myself
Roland Gesthuizen

imoot 2011 - 61 views

    iMoot is an annual event where the Moodle community of over 32 million users are provided the opportunity to join together on a global scale. This web based event engages a global audience of Moodle practitioners, administrators and decision makers in one event for an online e-conference with a difference!
    Here is a Moodle event to add to your 2011 online calendar. :-)
Steven Parker

Moodle free tutorials! Learn from 55 easy Moodle tutorials! - 212 views

    Moodle 2 how to videos
Pablo Cánepa

Integración de Mahara con Moodle (MoodleMoot España 2010) - 7 views

    e-portafolio en Moodle
Donal O' Mahony

Ireland & UK Moodlemoot 2012 - 2 views

    A meeting of teachers, academics, administrators and others will take place in Dublin, Ireland early April to discuss how they use Moodle for teaching and Learning. Moodle is a popular open-source online learning environment built on the principles of social- constructionism.
Martha Hickson

Learn Moodle - 60 views

    An activity-based learning course for teachers new to Moodle. Four weeks, 2 to 3 hours a week. No fees.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Moodle MOOC 2 - 19 views

Learn about transpersonal development and how to Moodle 2.5 at Moodle MOOC 2

Transpersonal Moodle MOOC 2.5

started by Dr. Nellie Deutsch on 19 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Lee-Anne Patterson

The World of Moodle by Cecelia Foster on Prezi - 101 views

    Very comprehensive presentation on different aspects of moodle
Darin Johnson

Moodle as Course Mgt System? Need feedback - English Companion - 0 views

  • Since I also use Ning for blogs and forums, I don't use these much on Moodle, though I do use Moodle forums somewhat like an essay question on the test. I set it so a student can't read any other answers until after they post their own response--then they can read and comment on what others' wrote. I like that quite a lot. I just haven't been able to get Diigo to work through the password log on, so I don't have a really good way to comment on their responses.
    • Darin Johnson
      Here's a teacher using Moodle as a forum and then wanting to use Diigo to respond to the students' posts. I hadn't put the two together, but this solves one problem I have had in the past.
Lee-Anne Patterson

Human » Blog Archive » How can Moodle change a school - 1 views

    Before starting to work as a part-time technology integrator at our school this year, the principal asked me to come up with one 'thing', one key strategy for staff and students to ICT to improve their teaching and learning. After seeing the flexibility, robustness and 'organic' nature of Moodle the choice was pretty simple to make.
Barbara Moose

Open-Source LMS: Beyond Moodle - 64 views

    5 open source alternatives to moodle
Greg Hundermark

Navigating the Moodle Interface - For Dummies - 97 views

    RT @Moodlerooms: Navigating the #moodle interface for dummies: #opensource #lms #elearning
Diego J. Vigueras Gonzalez

Edu20 vs. Moodle by Matt Henchen on Prezi - 101 views

    Comparación entre Moodle y Edu 2.0 (en inglés)
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