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Martin Burrett

Slate - 83 views

    Apple app to make and publish beautiful interactive magazines and documents quickly and easily. It has a wide range of themes, fonts and you can add your own images. Students can type or use the speech-to-text function, which make it accessible for a wide range of abilities.
Paul Hieronymus

Crocodoc - 7 views

    Imbedding MS Office, PDF's to HTML5
Charles Long

Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free - 179 views

    Convert audio, images, ebooks, video, documents, of a wide variety of types. How do they do it?
    Convert media files online from one format into another.

How to create a Word for Mac merge document by using Excel data - 2 views

    Great tutorial for creating forms using data from Excel
Mu He

TagMyDoc - 79 views

    A great online tool for uploading, storage and sharing documents by link or QR code. Simply upload your item to generate both to share.
    Adds a QR code to document that when scanned provides a copy of the document. Could be added to the syllabus and other handouts.
Martin Burrett

Let's Crate - Simple file sharing - 105 views

    Billed as 'ridiculously easy file sharing' and I would agree. The drop and drag function makes it simple to use.
Martin Burrett

MiceMeeting - 32 views

    A useful site that allow you to upload text files, images, PDFs, Microsoft Office and other files and view them in real time with other people on the web. Each user's mouse cursor can be seen on the viewer and you can communicate using the chat tool. No sing up or log in required and you share and gain access to the file with a url link.
Martin Burrett

Dushare - Real-time P2P file transfers - 24 views

    An easy way to save and send files online in real time. Upload, share the link, download. That's it.
Martin Burrett

Kicksend - File Sharing - 4 views

    This is a good downloadable file sharing app for your desktop, online or on your mobile. Drag files into the window to begin uploading, then just share the link. Easy!
Carol Mortensen

Redliner - Solve the Frustrations of Document Collaboration and Approval - 50 views

    "Eliminate the frustrations of change tracking and version control within critical documents such as contracts, press releases, ad copy, and other group editing projects. "
Martin Burrett - Simple file sharing - 26 views

    A really simple way to share files. Upload your items and create a wall of files with a dedicated and customisable link. No sign up required.
Jenine Owens

Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free - 143 views

    • terrell Neuage
      online convert
    • Charity Fisher
      I'm not that familar with this type of thing, but I want to keep it on my Diigo so I can find it if I need it.
    My file converter of choice when I'm working online. Convert audio, video, images, documents and even ebooks files to a wide range of formats. The tool is easy to use and has some diverse options for advanced users.
Martin Burrett

DocsPal - Free online file Converter and Viewer - 106 views

    A lovely site to convert documents and view them online without any Office software on your computer.
Martin Burrett

Conceptboard - Realtime Whiteboard Online Collaboration - 97 views

    A superb, 'must try' collaborative whiteboard site. Invite collaborators to draw, write, screen capture and upload documents onto your whiteboard in real time. Great for webinars, distance learning, howework or group work in class.
Martin Burrett | Online file sharing - 34 views

    A well designed platform from storing and sharing documents online. Get 5GB of free storage space.
Martin Burrett

Sendoid - Instant, Private, P2P File Transfers - 1 views

    Send huge files (music, videos, etc) in seconds and for free.
    A fast peer to peer file sharing site. Because the file is being transfered directly from your computer to your recipient it is very quick. Download the app or use it from the site.
Mr. Stanley

Teaching Document Design, Not Formatting Requirements - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of H... - 69 views

    • LuAnne Holder
      This would be a great activity for introductions.
  • One of my colleagues asks her students to sketch their names using a typeface that conveys something about themselves
  • One thing I do is bring in the style manuals from different local companies and show students how each company expects different things
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • Students in all disciplines are more than capable of producing and analyzing visual work in amazingly rich and complex ways.
  • many faculty members continue to specify detailed formatting requirements for student writing.
  • Your paper must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins.
  • Such draconian formatting requirements stifle students’ creativity and cut off any critical thinking about what should be a crucial part of any writing-intensive classroom, namely visual design.
  • Teaching Document Design, Not Formatting Requirements
  • well-meaning and thoughtful teachers establish hard and fast formatting rules that may make their lives easier, but do a disservice to their students.
  • By making these requirements, we are telling them not to think critically—or even at all—about the visual layout of their documents.
  • We are telling them we value conformity over creativity, practicality over originality, our needs over theirs.
  • It all starts with students recognizing that design is a part of what they do when they write.
  • the rules we give our students should be negotiable, and in order for them to be negotiable, we need to talk to our students about those rules, why they exist, what the consequences of breaking or following them are, and so on.
  • Your paper should be readable and take into consideration the needs of your audience.  Most importantly, though, you should have fun and be creative with your design.
    Teachers need to allow their students more room to creatively use visual design, and at the same time, teach students to be aware. Forcing students to follow exact formatting requirements is counterproductive.
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