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Roland O'Daniel

Kindle Experiment Falls Flat at Princeton | Open Culture - 53 views

  • Last fall, Princeton launched a small experiment, replacing traditional textbooks with the Kindle DX, Amazon’s large e-book reader
  • Last fall, Princeton launched a small experiment, replacing traditional textbooks with the Kindle DX, Amazon’s large e-book reader
    Keep in mind that this experiment was focused on "classroom use" of Kindles, not necessarily "library use." Libraries have never supplied the resources used directly in the classroom for literature study (students don't markup library books!). At Cushing Academy, we are using Kindles to support recreational and personal interest reading rather than directly supporting the curriculum. In that role, they have worked very well.
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    Yes, this seems to be the case. Ebook readers would most definitely work in a library environment, just like plain books.
    Well, maybe not just like plain old books. Ebooks have many nice advantages for libraries, such as 24/7 access, always pristine and readable copies for the user, built-in dictionary (which our students tell us they really like) and, for the library itself, very efficient use of space and staff time.
    "Last fall, Princeton launched a small experiment, replacing traditional textbooks with the Kindle DX, Amazon's large e-book reader. Almost from the beginning, the 50 students participating in the pilot program expressed dissatisfaction with the devices. Yesterday, a university report offered some more definitive findings. On the upside, students using the Kindle DX ended up using far less paper. (Paper consumption was generally reduced by 54%.) On the downside, students complained that the Kindle was fundamentally "ill-suited for class readings.""
Matt McKee

Kindle DX called "poor excuse of an academic tool" in Princeton pilot program - 24 views

  • Most of the criticisms center around the Kindle's weak annotation features, which make things like highlighting and margin notes almost impossible to use, but even a simple thing like the lack of true page numbers has caused problems, since allowing students to cite the Kindle's location numbers in their papers is "meaningless for anyone working from analog books."
    • Matt McKee
      isn't the whole point of having a digital book the ability to manipulate what's on the page?
    Note that annotation is a key educational need not currently met by Kindle. If only there was a version of Diigo embedded...
    It will be interesting to see if the upcoming Apple Tablet will take the shortcomings of the Kindle and improve on them, or be flawed itself.
Todd Williamson

iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: What's Best for Students? | -... - 51 views

  • Textbooks
    • Todd Williamson
      Obviously talking about the collegiate level...middle school textbooks would be roughly $50 per class (~$200) and used for multiple years
  • 3G wireless for $130 plus $15 or $30 per month
    • Todd Williamson
      Also has wifi on all models
  • imagine not being able to listen to music or read an e-book while surfing the web
    • Todd Williamson
      By all accounts, the iPad will be running current iPhone OS 3.1 which does allow you to listen to music while doing other things...the rub will be creating a presentation in Keynote for iPad without direct access to the web for photos...or having to shut down Safari to check your Twitter client, etc.
    I think a big miss on this article is any discussion of content creation capabilities of netbooks and iPad. Kindle and Dead Tree books don't allow extensive content creation, the iPad has limited capabilities, but netbooks open up a whole range of creative possibility. Also, it's obvious this article is geared toward college students, not middle or high school.
Jim Connolly

Amazon Debuts Kindle Textbook Creator -- THE Journal - 36 views

    This looks really cool- Imagine creating Kindle books with all of our CCSS resources!

E-Books and Whole Class Reading - Via Kindle - 0 views

    Free Kindle download allows you to read book on IWB with whole class.
Ann Steckel

By-the-Book Reader Meets the Kindle - - 1 views

    I haven't tried a Kindle yet, but I look forward to. Just seems like there are a number of inherent flaws, such as the backlighting issue the author brings up.
Kate Tabor

Blind and Vision-Impaired Readers to Benefit from New Kindle Features in 2010 - Yahoo! ... - 18 views

    Good use of Kindle for class with LD kids
Jonathan Wylie

The Beginning of the End... - The Education Technology Blog - 41 views

    Amazon has announced that Kindle books are outselling paperbacks for the first time. What implications does this have for education?
Björn Hedin

Princeton University - Kindle pilot results highlight possibilities for paper reduction - 20 views

  • However, e-readers must be significantly improved to have the same value in a teaching environment as traditional paper texts, participants said.
  • but they also said the ability to highlight directly on traditional text, to take notes and flip pages for ease in navigation suffers in the e-reader.
  • With hopes of assisting industry with the refinement of e-readers, and providing useful information to other academic institutions considering the devices, information and data from the one-time pilot have been compiled on an Office of Information Technology (OIT) website.
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  • About 65 percent of the participants in the pilot said they would not buy another e-reader now if theirs was broken. Almost all the participants said they were interested in following the technology to its next stages, because they think a device that works well in academia would be worth having.
  • "I found the device difficult to use and not conducive to academic purposes," he said, and added, "But I can see how it can be used for pleasure reading."
  • What they liked best about the devices was: the battery life, the wireless connection and the portability of the e-reader; the fact that all the course reading was on one device; the ability to search for content; and the legibility of the screen, including the fact it could be read in full sunlight. The top five suggestions students had for improving e-readers were: improving the ability to highlight and annotate PDF files; improving the annotation tools; providing a folder structure to keep similar readings together; improving the highlighting function; and improving the navigation within and between documents on the reader (including having more than one document open at the same time for comparison).
  • "The Kindle would be better for an academic setting if the PDF format worked more effectively,"
  • "There would be a greater benefit realized if the devices could develop a better way to deliver the ubiquitous PDF document, which is used by many journals and libraries to deliver documents, and is the common format in which dissertations and theses are published and read by faculty," Temos said. "Some students said they spent a considerable amount of time printing PDF documents during the semester, and hardly ever referred back to them once the semester was over. I don't expect that is unusual."
John Dorn

Automate your Dropbox - 134 views

shared by John Dorn on 26 Apr 12 - No Cached
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    • John Dorn
      Automate Your DropBox - send from dropbox to Kindle or Evernote automatically.
    Automate your dropbox - send from dropbox to Kindle or Evernote automatically
Marc Patton

Project Gutenberg - free ebooks - 4 views

    Project Gutenberg offers over 39,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.
Sydney Lacey

Educational Leadership:Good Teaching in Action:The Best Teachers I Have Known - 47 views

    One of the joys of retirement is having the time to reflect on our profession. Looking back over the 37 years I spent as an educator-20 of them as a teacher and 17 as an administrator-and reflecting on my own schooling as well, I think of the many highly effective teachers I've known. Spanning all grade levels, they engaged students in learning to the point of excitement and kindled the desire to keep on learning. So what did these teachers have in common?
Josh Flores

Amazon Kindle: Most Highlighted Passages of All Time 1 - 25 - 62 views

    • Josh Flores
      Hey English teachers! Use a few of these passages for Sentence strips activities!  Sentence combining and sentence imitation. Remove the adjectives and create a great diction activity too!
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