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Jac Londe

Wolfram Demonstrations Project - 72 views

    Intelligent ways to learns concepts related to mathematics
Martin Burrett

Prodigy - 70 views

    A superb maths game set in a vast magical world, reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy games. Complete the challenges and battle with monsters by answering maths questions. There is a teacher's dashboard so you can set up and track the progress of your students. Questions are age appropriate and adapt to the ability of the child to keep them moving on.
Martin Burrett

Graphing Stories - 78 views

    A site with a collection of maths videos designed to get students drawing graphs. Watch the motion of objects or values on scale in the videos and plot the numbers. The videos have the correct answers at the end.
    Do you have to be in the UK for the volume to work on these videos? I tried playing and they run but without audio. Thanks!
Kelly Boushell

Everyday Mathematics Online Games - 79 views

    "Below are a number of resources for parents to further supplement lessons with online games to play at home.

    The links below may provide students with an opportunity for practice. These websites are not connected to CEMSE or to Everyday Mathematics and our posting them does not constitute an endorsement."
Beverly Ozburn

WW_SpaceThinkMath.pdf - 33 views

  • Asking good questions and encouraging students to build on one
    another’s thinking gives students voice and enables them to become
    more critical thinkers in mathematics.
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Good strategy for use in any content area classroom!
  • students move into pairs
    to write their ideas, solutions, and strategies. A variety of materials, such
    as linking cubes and two-colour counters, are available for students to
    choose from when constructing mathematical models, making conjectures,
    and connecting their ideas.
  • ...5 more annotations...
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Wouldn't it be great to use mobile devices to document their manipulatives and narrate their thinking out loud using an app such as Educreations? 
  • Scaffolding students’ exploration of a rich task too early can take
    away students’ opportunities to explore and build confidence with
    solving problems in their own way.
    • Beverly Ozburn
      May need some opportunities to fail to make the learning richer and more personal.
  • Following each presentation, students are invited to paraphrase
    what the presenters have shared, to ask questions for clarification, to elab
    orate on the presentation, and perhaps to challenge the presenters with a
    possible correction or alternative approach.
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Reflective learning!
Martin Burrett

Rangoli Symmetry - 39 views

    Rangoli based symmetry exercise - An activity based on Rangoli Patterns to provide opportunities for illustrating reflective and rotational symmetry of order 4.
Deborah Baillesderr

CueThink - 50 views

    "An innovative iPad application to improve critical thinking skills and math communication of students in grades 4-12.

Tim Cooper

School Yourself - Free online math lessons - 44 views

    math interactive activities and flipped resources
Matt Renwick

Closing the Math Gap for Boys - - 20 views

  • these economists are selling teenagers short
  • adolescence, like early childhood, is a “period of tremendous ‘neuroplasticity,
  • “It’s friendship and pushing — they nag them to success,”
Deborah Baillesderr

Happy Numbers - NEW Online Math Resource - 60 views

    Grades K-2nd - " is an online resource that brings math to life through high-quality graphics and animation combined with clear, simple instructions and immediate feedback. Our interactive, individualized lessons use a scaffolded approach to reinforce all aspects of elementary-level numeracy and operations. HappyNumbers is compatible with most internet-enabled devices, such as IWBs, PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android tablets."
Mary Glackin

Glean - Find the best videos in education for you - 88 views

    Hundreds of amazing teachers post educational videos online every day. At Glean, we've structured and organized these videos, tagged them by educational standard, and wrapped them in interactive tools (like Q&A and practice exercises). We've even built technology to pick the ideal teacher for the student based on his/her learning style and ability.
Glenn Hervieux

MathTimeAttack! Free on the App Store on iTunes - 28 views

    "Math Time Attack! has Flashcards, Quiz and Test modes to help learn and recall multiplication, division, addition and subtraction with an emphasis on speed and accuracy."
Larry Zuares

FastFig - 79 views

shared by Larry Zuares on 15 Jan 15 - No Cached
    With FastFig you can quickly edit and solve everything from arithmetic to calculus. Type and share interactive math documents online and with mobile devices.
Marsha Ratzel

6 Minecraft lesson ideas for your Common Core math class | eSchool News | eSchool News - 45 views

    A good way to combine tech & Math & CCSS. 3rd grade example.
Martin Burrett

PhotoMath - 75 views

    An amazing maths Apple, Windows Phone and (soon) Android app which works out equations by taking a photo of them.
Deborah Baillesderr

Math Shake on the App Store on iTunes - 58 views

    "We all know that students find it far more challenging to answer word problems than simple equations. In Math Shake, learners practise the vital skill of solving word problems in a fun, focused way. Learners engage their critical thinking skills as they use the keywords to change word problems into equations and use interactive learning tools to visualise, image and work out their answer. Not only do learners have a range of learning tools at their fingertips, they can share their thinking by recording their working.Teachers and parents can also use Math Shake to teach learners with the interactive tools; including tens frames, number matrixes, fraction parts, number lines and counters. "
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