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Glenn Hervieux

Objectionable Word Lists & Filtering GAFE Mail - Google Groups - 30 views

    An interesting on filtering GAFE with objectionable content (based on word lists) and examples of word lists/policies. Some of the features discussed not available are now available in GAFE Admin. Setup (Email blocks, quarantines, etc.) Here is a video by Google Guru showing the setup.
Roland Gesthuizen

My daily PKM routine (practices and toolset) « Learning in the Social Workplace - 9 views

    "I was recently asked how my own use of social media fits onto Harold's PKM framework.  So I came up with this diagram which shows my own daily PKM routine."
Stacy Olson

Unmasking the Digital Truth / FrontPage - 27 views

    Site addressing the overfiltering and blocking of web 2.0 sites in school and libraries and provide reasonable alternatives to support broader student and teacher access.
Roland Gesthuizen

your monkey called · You Are Boring - 89 views

  • Ask questions; the person you’re speaking with will respect your inquisitiveness and become more interested in the exchange. “Asking questions makes people feel valued,”
  • The people who were interesting told good stories. They were also inquisitive: willing to work to expand their social and intellectual range. Most important, interesting people were also the best listeners. They knew when to ask questions.
    "You are boring. So, so boring. Don't take it too hard. We're all boring. At best, we're recovering bores. Each day offers a hundred ways for us to bore the crap out of the folks with whom we live, work, and drink. And on the internet, you're able to bore thousands of people at once"
Roland Gesthuizen

What Schools are Really Blocking When They Block Social Media | The Young and the Digital - 65 views

  • our schools are disconnected from young learners and how their learning practices are evolving.  The decision to block social media is inconsistent with how students use social media as a powerful node in their learning network
  • In the not so distant future the notion that schools should block social media will become difficult to defend.  Before that happens schools will have to reimagine their mission in the lives of young learners, the communities that they serve, and the extraordinary possibilities of networked media and networked literacy.
    "The debates about schools and social media are a subject of great public and policy interests.  In reality, the debate has been shaped by one key fact: the almost universal decision by school administrators to block social media."
Glenn Hervieux

The phrase "CIPA complaint content" can be misleading - Balanced Filtering in Schools - 2 views

    Great article that I think will help clarify for school admin., tech coordinators, teachers, students, etc. what our responsibilities and roles are in digital citizenship with regard to appropriate content. is a grassroots campaign to promote balanced content filtering in schools which complies with the law, promotes accountability, and encourages responsible digital citizenship.

Using Mobile and Social Technologies in Schools - 51 views

  • n recent years, there has been explosive growth in students creating, manipulating, and sharing content online (National School Boards Association, 2007). Recognizing the educational value of encouraging such behaviors, many school leaders have shifted their energies from limiting the use of these technologies to limiting their abuse. As with any other behavior, when schools teach and set expectations for appropriate technology use, students rise to meet the expectations. Such conditions allow educators to focus on, in the words of social technology guru Howard Rheingold (n.d.), educating “children about the necessity for critical thinking and [encouraging] them to exercise their own knowledge of how to make moral choices." One process for creating the necessary conditions is reported in From Fear to Facebook, the first-person account of one California principal who endured a series of false starts to finally arrive at a place where students in his school were maximizing their use of laptops and participatory technologies without the constant distractions of misuse (Levinson, 2010). Other similar processes and programs are emerging, and they all share a common theme: an education that fails to account for the use of social media tools prepares students well for the past, but not for their future.
Steve Ransom

Teacher Magazine: Mr. Administrator, Tear Down This Firewall! - 62 views

    Great issues raised by both sides here
Lisa Scott

Unmasking the Digital Truth / FrontPage - 30 views

    The goal of this collaborative wiki is to "unmask the digital truth" with respect to the reasons some leaders today are overfiltering and overblocking web 2.0 sites in schools and libraries, and provide reasonable alternatives which support broader student and teacher access to these sites.
Maggie Verster

Great stuff!!!! Librarians' Internet Index - 61 views

    This is a list of sites compiled by librarians to safe use internet sites. A great reference for school administrators, techies and teachers. It is a maintained directory of sorts and you can submit safe sites.
Ed Webb

It's Time To Hide The Noise - 35 views

  • the noise is worse than ever. Indeed, it is being magnified every day as more people pile onto Twitter and Facebook and new apps yet to crest like Google Wave. The data stream is growing stronger, but so too is the danger of drowning in all that information.
  • the fact that Seesmic or TweetDeck or any of these apps can display 1,200 Tweets at once is not a feature, it’s a bug
  • if you think Twitter is noisy, wait until you see Google Wave, which doesn’t hide anything at all.  Imagine that Twhirl image below with a million dialog boxes on your screen, except you see as other people type in their messages and add new files and images to the conversation, all at once as it is happening.  It’s enough to make your brain explode.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • all I need is two columns: the most recent Tweets from everyone I follow (the standard) and the the most interesting tweets I need to pay attention to.  Recent and Interesting.  This second column is the tricky one.  It needs to be automatically generated and personalized to my interests at that moment.
  • search is broken on Twitter.  Unless you know the exact word you are looking for, Tweets with related terms won’t show up.  And there is no way to sort searches by relevance, it is just sorted by chronology.
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