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Martin Leicht

Opinion | Steve Jobs Was Right: Smartphones and Tablets Killed the P.C. - The New York ... - 6 views

    • Martin Leicht
      Would like to know more about "productivity dream machines."
  • they’re productivity dream machines
  • keyboard is better and more durable
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Among other things, I now research and write just about every column using an iPad (I still compose many first drafts by speaking into my headphones, but I’m an odd duck).
    • Martin Leicht
      Speaking a draft into the headphones, wow, talk about visualization of things? Can you see the draft in your head?
  • Jobs declared the iPad to be the future of computing. “PCs are going to be like trucks,”
  • Like a phone, in most scenarios I find the iPad to be faster, more portable and easier to use and maintain than any traditional P.C. I’ve ever owned.
  • The iPad still can’t do everything a laptop can, and I still have to log in to a “real” computer sometimes.
  • the iPad doesn’t work with antiquated work flows that are built for PCs
Martin Burrett

Implementing Tablets in Schools - The 5 Golden Rules - YouTube - 34 views

    2 minute video: 5 ways to make rolling out tablets in your school a success
Martin Burrett

Touchscreens may boost motor skills in toddlers - 6 views

    Does your toddler use a touchscreen tablet? A recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology has shown that early touchscreen use, and in particular actively scrolling the screen, correlates with increased fine motor control in toddlers...
Martin Burrett

Session 321: The impact of tablets and apps in education - - 28 views

    Following the weekly #UKEdChat poll on Twitter (see results here), the topic of this #UKEdChat session is, "The impact of tablets and apps in education".

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review | Tablets Reviews | TechRadar - 17 views

    Not too bad at 4 1/2 stars.
Maddy Shapiro

Ipad in Ed - 64 views

Check out art teacher Tricia Fuglestad blog for great ideas.

art education technology tablets ipads teaching review


How have you seen tablets affect levels of engagement & learning in your classroom? - 32 views

    UKEdchat Summary focuses on the impact of tablet computers in the classroom, includes an infograph from the session.
    I am a teacher in a Mod?severe special needs class and the IPad is an amazing tool for communicating and engaging students at all levels
Randolph Hollingsworth

DataWind's Aakash 2 and Ubislate Are Cheap Tablets for the Developing World | MIT Techn... - 11 views

    planning to offer $25 mobile device + $0 access to Internet ... using apps to speed up visibility of content across slow wireless networks ... computing "hardware is dead"

Schools shift from textbooks to tablets - US News and World Report - 57 views

    • Matt Renwick
      No, individualized instruction will personalize learning for students.
  • "We must use technology to empower teachers and improve the way students learn," said Joel Klein, a former New York City schools' chief who now leads News Corp.'s education tablet program. "At its best, education technology will change the face of education by helping teachers manage the classroom and personalize instruction."
  • "We must use technology to empower teachers and improve the way students learn," said Joel Klein, a former New York City schools' chief who now leads News Corp.'s education tablet program. "At its best, education technology will change the face of education by helping teachers manage the classroom and personalize instruction."
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    • anonymous
      Isn't the concept that helping teachers manage the classroom by using technology a fresh perspective?  :)
    • anonymous
      Our philosophy seems more reasonable in that we are utilizing what students already have in their possession and spending the funds toward enhanced online text "rental" and accessibility.  BYOT!
  • $20.5 million
  • $50 million
  • $500 million
    • anonymous
      What happens when that device is out-of-date?  Cost of updating?
Lauren Rosen

Why Tablets Are Important for Educating Our Children | GeekDad | - 94 views

  • hese teachers are not just championing the technology, they are celebrating a new way of teaching and learning.
  • Something about these devices has helped many teachers to see the classroom very differently. That should be encouraged, supported and most thoroughly welcomed.
  • the number one reason
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • teachers believed it was the way to go. And, we should back them.
  • hey talked about teaching collaboration, creativity and communication. They were energetic, they were passionate, and they were sincere.
    Nice article on why to support tablets. It's not about the technology its about the skills students develop using the technology and the engagement of both students and teachers when given the opportunity.
Roland Gesthuizen

6 Reasons Tablets Are Ready for the Classroom - 86 views

    "By looking at all that tablets offer in the context of student behavior and some of the recent trends in education, it's clear that tablets are ready for the classroom. Here's a look at the top reasons why."

Teaching with tablets: Will our children be using electronic textbooks to learn? | ITPr... - 0 views

  • Ever the technology pacesetter, South Korea announced earlier this year that it's committed to replacing paper textbooks with digital versions in classrooms within just three years – and that means tablet computers.
  • There is clearly caution about the use of tablets (72 per cent of schools want more evidence before adopting), but there is unstoppable enthusiasm; 82 per cent of teachers said their pupils had an interest in using tablets. Whether or not children are familiar with tablets and their touchscreen ilk isn’t doubted. Around 2.8 million children already have a smartphone, including almost a million – that's about a quarter – of eight to 12 year olds. 
Kathy Fiedler

BookBub: Free and Bargain eBooks for Kindle, Nook, and more - 5 views

    Join our 300,000+ happy subscribers. It's free!  Most major eReader formats supported.
Amy Roediger

Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves | MIT Technology Review - 3 views

  • The idea of dropping off tablets outside of the context of schools is a new paradigm for OLPC.
  • iving computers directly to poor kids without any instruction is even more ambitious than OLPC’s earlier pushes. “
    A bold experiment by the One Laptop Per Child organization has shown "encouraging" results.
    A cool article!
SJCNY Trainers

Guest Column: iPads Are Not Yet King Of The Educational Tablets | WiredAcademic - 2 views

    "The future of tablets in our schools may not be coming from Cupertino. Or even the U.S."
    Great information on worldwide educational adoption of tablets. Check out the stats on tablet initiatives outside the USA. Massive rollouts to elem grades.
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