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How to Teach in an Age of Distraction - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 99 views

  • Where we put our attention is not only how we decide what we will learn, it is how we show what we value.
  • Distraction is contagious.
  • he myth of the moment is that multitasking is a good idea.
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  • The path forward is to learn more about our vulnerabilities and design around them. To do that, we have to clarify our purpose. In education, learning is the focus, and we know that multitasking is not helpful. So it’s up to us to actively choose unitasking.
  • A moment of boredom is an opportunity for new thinking.
  • Research shows that when people watch online educational videos, they watch for six minutes,
  • ake class notes by hand.
  • he saw that students taking notes with computers suffered from more than inattention.
  • "They were trying to establish transcripts of the class."
  • tudents in online classes do better when they include face-to-face encounters.
  • f you ask people where their love for learning comes from, they usually talk about an inspiring teacher. The most powerful learning takes place in relationship.
  • But for all its flaws, the lecture has a lot going for it. It is a place where students come together, on good days and bad, and form a small community. As in any live performance, anything can happen.
  • They learn from speaking and from listening.
Tim Cooper

Educational Leadership:Teaching with Mobile Tech:Mobile Devices: Driving Us to Distract... - 57 views

    Nice summary of research on digital distraction
Steve Ransom

What to do about laptops in lectures? - Daniel Willingham - 79 views

    What to do about laptops in lectures?
Steve Ransom

Peter T. Coleman, PhD: The Consequences of Our Games - 2 views

    A great piece worth the time to reflect on. Mindfulness needs to be practiced frequently.

Stop Telling Your Students To "Pay attention!" | Brain Based Learning | Brain Based Tea... - 194 views

  • ive students a stand up break of 30-90 seconds (the “pause”) to give them mental processing time for the content.
  • “Fast writes” develop focus (save the editing for later).
    This article is pretty cool! Good find!
Steve Ransom

Attention versus distraction? What that big NY Times story leaves out » Niema... - 51 views

    The web is a space whose very abundance of information - and whose very informational infrastructure - trains our attention to follow our interests. And vice versa. In that, it's empowering information as a function of interest. It's telling Vishal that it's better to spend time with video than with Vonnegut - simply because he's more interested in editing than in reading. Vishal needs needs no other justification for his choice; interest itself is its own acquittal. And we're seeing the same thing in news. While formal learning has been, in the pre-digital world, a matter of rote obligation in the service of intellectual catholicism - and news consumption has been a matter of the bundle rather than the atom - the web-powered world is creating a knowledge economy that spins on the axis of interest. Individual interest. The web inculcates a follow your bliss approach to learning that seeps, slowly, into the broader realm of information; under its influence, our notion of knowledge is slowly shedding its normative layers.

"Growing Up Digital" Confusing Distraction and Curiosity - 63 views

    Gilbert's study of happiness--is mental wandering the same thing as distraction? 

ViewPure / Videos Without Clutter - 75 views

shared by fachdidaktik on 21 Jul 10 - Cached
    For YouTube Videos: You can set the start time, customize the URL, and even password protect your link.
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    "Watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the 'other' things. "
    Great site to use to watch videos on YouTube without the junk around them.
    Watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the 'other' things.
    "Watch YouTube videos without comments, ads, or other distractions."
Steve Ransom

Your Brain on Computers - Attached to Technology and Paying a Price - - 35 views

    We really need to think seriously about how WE ALLOW ourselves to be changed by new tools and their capabilities... Good read here.
Bruce Gorrill

From Distraction to Engagement: Wireless Devices in the Classroom (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) ... - 55 views

    The "professor versus laptop (or other wireless access device)" issue is a false construct if we view technology-mediated learning as a social system offering many ways to alter one component and thus change the whole system. Rather than seeing distraction as a challenge, educators can see it as an opportunity to reflect upon and change the design of their entire instructional approach. Creative and innovative educators can use technology innovations to help reform teaching, similar to the way Guttenberg's press helped bring about scientific revolution and modern authorship.
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