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Florence Dujardin

Embedding academic writing instruction into subject teaching: A case study - 0 views

    The benefits of embedding the teaching of writing into the curriculum have been advocated by educators and researchers. However, there is currently little evidence of embedded writing instruction in the UK's higher education context. In this article, we present a case study in which we report the design, implementation and evaluation of an academic writing intervention with first-year undergraduate students in an applied linguistics programme. Our objectives were to try a combination of embedded instructional methods and provide an example that can be followed by lecturers across disciplines and institutions. Through the integration of in-class and online writing tasks and assessment feedback in a first-term module, we supported students' writing development throughout the first term. We evaluated the effects of the intervention through the analysis of notes on classroom interaction, a student questionnaire and interviews, and a text analysis of students' writing and the feedback comments over time. The evaluation findings provide insights into the feasibility and effectiveness of this approach. The embedded writing instruction was perceived as useful by both students and teachers. The assessment feedback, whilst being the most work-intensive method for the teachers, was valued most by the students and led to substantial improvements in the writing of some. These findings suggest that embedded writing instruction could be usefully applied in other higher education contexts.
Adrienne Schroeder

Embedding Voki, YouTube or ANYthing Embeddable - 114 views

    Multimedia embedding on a variety of sites and platforms
Diana Irene Saldana

How to remove related videos from the end of an embedded YouTube video | illuminea - 68 views

    Parameters for embedding Youtube videos. Includes links to more parameters.
Susan Stevens

SuperEmbeds: Viva La Revolución - 6 views

    How to super-customize videos for embedding.
Trevor Cunningham

Flash Media Playback Setup - 23 views

    Code generator produces flashvars required to allow fullscreen display in Google Sites embedded flash video. Messy, but it works.

Browse All - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - 59 views

    Lots of historical maps available for use under a CC-Attribution license (attribute Catography Associates). Images can be linked to, embedded, or downloaded.
    Excellent(!) collection. Very professional and well-done.
Glenn Hervieux

Digital Formative Assessments! - 100 views

    Embedded in a Smore Page, here is a nice collection of digital formative assessment tools. There are a few here I wasn't familiar with I'd like to try out.
Nigel Coutts

Change, culture and Cultural Change in Education - The Learner's Way - 22 views

     Embedded in the very weave of the organisation, culture is the most difficult aspect of an organisation to change and the hardest form of change to sustain 'That's because transforming a culture requires influencing people's deepest beliefs and most habitual behaviours' (Rogers, Meehan & Tanne 2006 p5). Rogers et al indicate that as little as 10% of all organisations that set out to develop a high performing culture achieve their goal.
Glenn Hervieux

Free Technology for Teachers: 7 Good Options for Building Digital Portfolios - A PDF Ha... - 110 views

    Excellent choices for building digital portfolios that students can take with them - not embedded in an LMS or other district-managed software. Students can own their portfolios, but provide evidence and share their learning with transparency.
Lauren Rosen

Easy guide to Creative Commons Attribution and additional resources - 86 views

    Great easy to understand explanation and embedded infographic describing CC licensing.
Glenn Hervieux

Timeline JS3 - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. - 43 views

    Using a Google Sheets template, you can create nice timelines with embedded images, videos, sound files, etc. They play nicely on mobile devices, as well However, they must be published to the web on a desktop/laptop computer, even if they are created on a mobile device.
Peter Beens

Free Technology for Teachers: Google Docs for Teachers - A Free eBook - 11 views

     The 40 page guide (embedded below) is designed to help teachers who have never used Google Documents. 
Martin Burrett

Survey Legend - 82 views

    This is a great looking picture survey creator that can be embedded on to a site. Add a question, choose your images and share the link. The free account allows up to 100 responses.
Marc Patton

Intel Involved-Transforming Lives - 0 views

    Deeply embedded in Intel's culture is a passion for creating a better future for all
Roland O'Daniel

What's Fuzzy, Thin, and Bendable? « Co-Creating Solutions: A Blog by CTL - 37 views

    Read Ashley Perkins' thoughts on embedding the arts into instruction to help students create meaning. 
Christopher Lee

Why I Like Prezi - 0 views

    Why I Like Prezi In my life, I have given a *lot* of presentations. In high school, they were presentations on group projects. In university, they were presentations on research projects. At Google, they're presentations on how to use our APIs. When I first started giving presentations, I used Powerpoint, like everyone else. But I kept thinking there must be a better way, and I experimented with other options - flash interfaces, interactive Javascript apps. Then I discovered Prezi, and it has become my presentation tool of choice. Prezi is an online tool for creating presentations - but it's not just a Powerpoint clone, like the Zoho or Google offering. When you first create a Prezi, you're greeted with a blank canvas and a small toolbox. You can write text, insert images, and draw arrows. You can draw frames (visible or hidden) around bits of content, and then you can define a path from one frame to the next frame. That path is your presentation. It's like being able to draw your thoughts on a whiteboard, and then instructing a camera where to go and what to zoom into. It's a simple idea, but I love it. Here's why: It forces me to "shape" my presentation. A slide deck is always linear in form, with no obvious structure of ideas inside of it. Each of my Prezis has a structure, and each structure is different. The structure is visual, but it supports a conceptual structure. One structure might be 3 main ideas, with rows of ideas for each one. Another might be 1 main idea, with a circular branching of subideas. Having a structure helps me to have more of a point to my presentations, and to realize the core ideas of them. It makes it easy to go from brainstorming stage to presentation stage, all in the same tool. I can write a bunch of thoughts, insert some images, and easily move them around, cluster them, re-order them, etc. I can figure out the structure of my presentation by looking at what I have laid out, and seeing how they fit together. Some people do this
Christopher Lee

Creating a Wordsearch using Google Spreadsheets - 1 views

    SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2009 Creating a Wordsearch using Google Spreadsheets I'm a fan of alternative learning and testing techniques. Back when I was the teaching assistant for the "History of Video Games" class (yes, that's a real class), I gave the final exam as an illustrated crossword puzzle. It was surprisingly hard to find software for creating that crossword, so I hoped to make a Spreadsheets gadget to make it easier. Unfortunately, crossword-solving algorithms that run entirely in JavaScript are hard to find, and I gave up and went for second best: a wordsearch gadget. (A big thanks to Robert Klein for the wordsearch JavaScript library.) Here are steps for using the gadget: Create a new spreadsheet, and put a list of words in the first column. (Or, alternatively, use an existing spreadsheet that has a column of words you're interested in). My sample spreadsheet has a simple animals wordlist: Click on the "Insert" menu and then select "Gadget..." This presents you with various categories of gadgets to choose from (similar to the iGoogle directory). My gadget isn't yet in the gallery, so you'll need to select "Custom" and then type in the URL to the gadget: The gadget will appear embedded in the current worksheet, and it will prompt you to select a range of data to send to the gadget. Select all the cells that contain the desired words, and you should see the Range text field update with the range. If it doesn't work, you can always manually type it in. You can now customize the number of rows and columns. The default is 10 by 10, but if you have more words, you likely want a larger wordsearch. Click "Apply", and see the generated output. You have a few options for how you use the wordsearch. You can play with it immediately, inside that gadget, or you can use the option on the gadget menu to move the gadget to its own sheet and use it there. Note that each time you reload the spreadsheet, the wordsearch will be randomly generated with a new layout - so
melissa renko

Common Core State Standards Initiative | English Language Arts Standards | Science & Te... - 0 views

  • Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of science and technical texts.
    • melissa renko
      all of these standards are the same but they are built upon in grades 9-10
    common core science embedded in ELA standards grades 6-8
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