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Roland Gesthuizen

Comparison of Citation Software at MIT - Overview of Citation Software at MIT: Managing... - 74 views

    Overview of Citation Software at MIT: Managing Your References. Endnote, RefWorks and Zotero
    There's so many other options out there now...Mendeley, Qigga, etc.
Michael Mitchell

Home | MIT + K12 - 78 views

    MIT+K12 Project. MIT students produce learning resources and activities for K-12 students.
    MIT-created site that uses student-created videos to explain complex science and engineering topics to k-12 students.
Kate Pok

MIT open-sources online learning | Cutting Edge - CNET News - 142 views

    you can actually earn a degree from MIT now; is this a fundamental change in the way we think of education and access to education?
Sandy Munnell

MIT World | Distributed Intelligence - 38 views

    Slightly different from TED in that content is more research focused, but incredible access to amazing thinking and researching at MIT World -Distributed Intelligence.
Daniel Spielmann

"Zum Frühstück lese ich die Posts meiner Kollegen" Interview mit Dr. Mareike ... - 0 views

  • In diesem Zusammenhang wäre es auch wichtig, die Ausbildung der Studierenden im Umgang mit den sozialen Medien zu fördern und dies curricular in den Studienablauf einzubinden.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      And of course the rules and methods of citation have to be adjusted. How can Web 2.0-sources be quoted in scientific publications? Finding an answer to this question is crucial for motivating people to contribute.
  • Sehgewohnheiten, die sich gerade in Richtung „Listen“ verschieben, weil das die häufigste Präsentationsform von Information in den sozialen Medien ist.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      Interesting point. What does that mean for students' ability to come up with a coherent string of scientific text? Or: will these changing recepion habits make coherent text superfluous?
  • mehr Forschung über unsere gegenwärtige Internetkultur und eine größere Reflektion über unser Tun im Netz notwendig sind.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • Datenschutzfragen
  • Das scheint Wissenschaftler sehr viel weniger umzutreiben als Privatpersonen.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      I'm not yet sure if that should surprise me or not.
  • Außerdem wird viele Wissenschaftler die fehlende Anerkennung davon abhalten, Zeit und Energie in die Veröffentlichung von Blogbeiträgen zu stecken.
  • Geisteswissenschaftler eben mit dem fragmentarischen, mit dem Äußern von noch nicht fertigen und mit vielen Fußnoten abgesicherten Meinungen schwer tun
    • Daniel Spielmann
      And because today's quotation habits don't really allow to integrate Web 2.0 sources slick enough.
  • Hier ist ein Umdenken erforderlich, weg von der Konkurrenz hin zur Zusammenarbeit
    • Daniel Spielmann
      cf Tacke, Oliver (2010): "(T)he principle of 'publish or perish' pushes scientists to keep their ideas secret until they are published; secrecy and taciturnity have become the primary directives."
  • social citation wie bei Zotero
  • Twittern bei Tagungen
  • zweite Diskussionsebene
  • als ob es zum gesprochenen Wort eine Fußnote gäbe
  • Bei den sozialen Medien stehen wie gesagt Kommunikation, Diskussion und Austausch einerseits, sowie gemeinsame Wissensgenerierung und kollaboratives Arbeiten andererseits im Vordergrund.
Deborah Baillesderr

About Us | Explore MIT App Inventor - 48 views

    "MIT App Inventor is an innovative beginner's introduction to programming and app creation that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. The simple graphical interface grants even an inexperienced novice the ability to create a basic, fully functional app within an hour or less."
Gaby K. Slezák

Easygenerator - Onlinekurse erstellen mit vielen Features - 12 views

    Schnell und intuitiv interaktive Onlinekurse oder Lernmaterialien erstellen und einsetzen! Viele moderne didaktische Mittel zur Erstellung von Kursen, Quizzes u.v.m. Unterschiedliche Fragestellungen inkl. Lückentext und Hotspots wählen, Lernpfade (beta), branched Szenarios (Aufpreis), Integration von Voiceovers und Video, Ab 29 US$/Monat. *Kostenlose Version zum Einstieg* mit max. 2 Fragetypen, 3 Kursen und 10 Teilnehmern. Ähnlich wie GoConqr, allerdings in der lizensierten Version mit viel mehr professionellen Funktionen.
    Kostenlos starten

Students First, Not Stuff - 71 views

    • robbiejkb
      Is this really new? What about textbooks, Dvd's educational resources?
    • robbiejkb
      Haven't students always come first?
  • a discrete set of standards and outcomes
  • we've spent billions of dollars on technology that by almost every measure has had little or no widespread effect.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • students more engaged
  • productive learning is the learning process which engenders and reinforces wanting to learn more
  • manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information,
  • attention literacy—the ability to exert some degree of mental control over our use of technology rather than simply being distracted by it
  • "learning ready,"
  • MIT Open Courseware or courses offered through Khan Academy will provide all the knowledge they need to pass a typical test on the subject
  • learn, MIT Open Courseware or courses offered through Khan Academy will provide all the knowledge they need to pass a typical test on the subject.
  • The reality is that I no longer need to send my children to a school to learn algebra, U.S. history, or French.
  • That doesn't mean that we throw all information and knowledge out of the curriculum. No question, all kids need to be able to read and write effectively, understand enough math to function in their daily lives, and have a basic understanding of science, history, and more. But we must be willing to consider that in a world full of access to knowledge and information, it may be more important to develop students who can take advantage of that knowledge when they need it than to develop students who memorize a slice of information that schools offer in case they might need it someday
  • But giving students devices and access is only a small part of the equation
Martin Burrett

MIT App Inventor - 89 views

    Help your students make their own Android apps with this useful tool from MIT. The site comes with some good tutorials and guides with example projects.
sha towers

Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare - 86 views

    Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required.
    MIT's opencourseware feels like the logical outgrowth of Illich's "learning webs" (from Deschooling essay) 

Edudemic » Are You One of the 10 Million People Using MIT's OpenCourseWare? - 32 views

    If you've never watched an online lecture from MIT, you are apparently in the minority. According to recently released statistics, more than 10 million people are now using MIT's OpenCourseWare Project. The OCW shares syllabi, exams, notes, problem sets, lectures, and even some discussions for just over 2,000 courses. (Discussions are held through online study groups using OpenStudy.
Katie Muhtaris

The Connected States of America | Visuals - 129 views

    A project done by MIT that gives visuals and maps on how we connect with others.
Thieme Hennis

Learning Over Education - 2 views

    "Learning over Education is a new MIT Media Lab initiative that promotes creative learning. It ties together learning related research that takes place across different research groups, develops new technologies for creative learning, and uses the Media Lab as platform for new conversations about learning."
Rachel Hinton

Preschoolers Practice Programming with Help from MIT -- Campus Technology - 17 views

    Can four-year-olds be taught programming concepts? A research project at MIT is examining just that question. The researchers in MIT's Media Lab are creating a system that lets children aged four to eight control a robot by showing it stickers they've placed on laminated sheets of paper.
Debra Spear

MIT TechTV - Collection MIT+K12: FINALS (110 videos) - 51 views

    The videos in this collection are duplicates of those held in the MIT+K12 video channel on YouTube. They are being hosted here so that users who are unable to access content are able to view them.
Andrea Raven

edX - 42 views

    Free online college courses  offered from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, etc
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