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MaryLiz Jones

8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher - 85 views

    8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher
Matt Renwick

What Reflects a Great School? Not Test Scores - Education Week - 79 views

  • These gains often turn out to be an achievement mirage
  • Three interconnected factors are as essential for whole-school achievement as knowing how to teach well: trust, collaboration, and authenticity.
  • professional learning is ongoing and embedded
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  • They let parents know through social media, a phone call, or an email when a child has done something well
  • observe, coach, and co-teach
    • Matt Renwick
      Teacher Rounds/Peer Observations
  • rich and extensive classroom libraries
  • students choice and easy access to books
  • they partner with teachers to ensure that all resources and texts used in the classroom are well written and are crafted by notable authors
  • the quality of relationships within the school and across the community
Michael Sheehan

50 great math websites for students of any age - 144 views

    Huge collection of websites for any level of math student or teacher.
Michael Sheehan

29 great math websites for students of all ages - 133 views

    29 great math based websites for kids.
Michael Sheehan

5 Great Science Websites For Kids That You May Not Have Seen - 34 views

    These sites offer games, articles, and simple experiments that any kid can perform.
Dora Hawkins

Having fun teaching resources for learning - 135 views

    Teach your students with songs about grammar, math,reading, writing, etc.
    link sends me to an empty site
Dora Hawkins

Anaconda Facts and Pictures -- National Geographic Kids - 25 views

    National Geographic Kids online Creature Feature about anacondas. Find facts, photos, and video. Learn more about animals online doing games and having fun.
Brad McDiarmid

10 Surprising Ways to Spot a Great Video Game | Common Sense Media - 1 views

    What your kids look for in a snack might be different than what you look for as a parent. While they focus on taste, you focus on nutrition. Same goes for games. Glitzy, big-name games can be enticing, just like junk food. Some are flashy and addictive but do little to feed kids' curiosity or help them develop.
Kevin Kaeser

SPENT - 99 views

    Great online simulation that challenges students on their views about poverty and homelessness.
    A social economic game where you are presented with lots of financial challenge. Can you make it to the end of the month?
    Simulation where students are unemployed and make decisions about seeking employment, spending money, and raising a family though finanancial obstacles.
yang hongmei

Share More! Wiki » Anthology/Diigo the Web for Education - From TeleGatherer ... - 0 views

  • not involve creating a single web page, wiki, blog or anything like that. You can use a no-cost social bookmarking tool known as Diigo to get the job done. This article shares how you can use the Diigo social bookmarking tool in education. This
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