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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Dennis Thomas

Dennis Thomas

Great Teachers Don't Teach | Edutopia - 13 views

  • One characteristic of an effective teacher is that they don't teach.
Dennis Thomas

Does Spelling Count? | Edutopia - 40 views

  • These children have been taught from a very young age that their "grades" matter more than the actual purpose of the assignment -- just like "subjects" trump true learning.
  • In nursery school, math is called cooking, building or drawing. Science is called gardening, exploring or playing on the yard (finding bugs and figuring out what they do is a specialty).
Dennis Thomas

Create Free Interactive Timelines - Stories Displayed on Maps | myHistro - 94 views

    crazy cool app that mixes timelines and maps creating an interactive story.
Dennis Thomas

David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? | Talk Vide... - 30 views

  • self who craves success, who builds a résumé, and the self who seeks connection, community, love — the values that make for a great eulogy
    Are we teaching our students to crave success building a résumé or self to seek connection, community, love making a great eulogy?
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