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Robin Holleman

Response: Ways to Cultivate 'Whole-Class Engagement' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazz... - 105 views

  • consistently use basic motivation strategies.
  • we need to ensure that we are implementing a series of factors that elevate our students' focus and level of concern.
  • Your odds of keeping your students on task go up when you mix things up and keep the energy feeling fresh.
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  • Work to establish a classroom culture in which it is understood that, with every task they perform, students know there is a strong possibility that they will have to share out their results in front of their peers.
  • Small changes of routine increase the motivation to attend to the task at hand.  
  • The A-Z Sentence Summary:
  • Total Participation Techniques frame the context so that all students are responding to higher-order prompts in low-risk settings.
  • The Chalkboard Splash:
  • he "Pause, Star, Rank":
  • we need to be conscious of the amount of work we give the students.
    • Robin Holleman
      Two contrasting direction sets illustrate very well the more engaging tactic.
    Have used several of these strategies at the college level and they really do work.
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