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Daniel Gauthier

Diigolet also works for AVANT browser - 9 views

avant diigolet

started by Daniel Gauthier on 23 Jul 07
  • Daniel Gauthier
    In a previous post here, i reported that Diigolet failed to work with AVANT browser.
    After a few post at their own forum we finally found a workaround.
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks for sharing this tips. It's good news for avant users.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    You are quite welcome Joel!

    From recent tests, Diigolet works pretty with any popular browser that doesn't have it's own toolbar yet !Have also tested: Slimbrowser, k-Meleon, Maxthon2, Opera...

    Flexibility is a must in the Social Bookmarking arena right?

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