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Daniel Gauthier

Diigolet for Maxthon 3 - 97 views

Diigolet Maxthon3 drag bug workaround

started by Daniel Gauthier on 01 Oct 09
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Maxthon 3 is supposed to be like Google Chrome (webkit engine) but trying to drag the Chrome Diigolet fails to do anything for it.
  • Graham Perrin
    /me installs Maxthon to feed back properly…
  • Daniel Gauthier
    It works Graham!

    And i thought you were calling me a dummy!

  • Graham Perrin
    Cross reference
    Diigo for Maxthon2
  • Graham Perrin

    Not limited to Diigolet or Maxthon.

    I have the same problem with the bookmarklet at in Chromium and Google Chrome on Mac OS X 10.6.x, and in Maxthon on Windows XP.

    Daniel, please, could you report the bug to Maxthon developers? Thanks.

    In the meantime re I might test with a more recent version.

    Cross reference
  • Daniel Gauthier

    Bookmarklet's working fine here on Maxthon
    But yes, i will report the need for the workaround.

    -XP Home

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