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Russ Goerend

Diigolet on Chrome *for Mac*? - 100 views

diigolet drag-and-drop Chrome mac Mac OS X Google Chrome Chromium (web browser) bug interop resolved

started by Russ Goerend on 26 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin


    2. bookmark the page to the Bookmarks bar

    3. control-click the Diigolet button

    4. Copy Link

    5. control-click the bookmark that you created at step (2)

    6. Edit…

    7. Name: Diigolet

    8. URL: {paste the URL that you copied at step (4)}.

    (Comparable to
  • Graham Perrin

    Not limited to Diigolet or Chrome.

    I have the same problem with the bookmarklet at in both
    Google Chrome Chromium (27925) on Mac OS X 10.6.x.

    Russ, please, could you report the bug to Chromium developers? Thanks.
  • Graham Perrin

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