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Daniel Gauthier

Password login not being remembered - 11 views

Password resolved

started by Daniel Gauthier on 23 Mar 10
  • yc c
    I think it's just temporary, other details also seem unstable today(*), they must be tweaking something to do w the server.
    See if this goes on tomorrow.

    *)I tried to edit some bookmarks but but nothing was saved...
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Well, i installed Maxthon2 and there was no problem remembered p.w. there.
    Did uninstall / re-install previous 3.6 and no problem so far.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    yc c was right.
    Everything is back to normal today.
    Did the Firefox upgrade, no problem.

    Phew! :)


    -don't know why it was still working in Maxthon2 though...

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