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Excessive internet use linked to depression, research shows - 20 views

    "people classified as internet addicts are more likely to be depressed than non-addicted users..." "This study reinforces the public speculation that over-engaging in websites that serve to replace normal social function might be linked to psychological disorders like depression and addiction."
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    This is a classic... perhaps it is the fact that the people who are depressed find solace in spending excessive time on the Internet..? The link is not over use of the Internet causes depression or addiction but people prone to these disorders are drawn to spending time on the Net..
    This seems odd to me and I'm an internet addict. If you examine what the people were doing online, it's likely a clue as to what they feel is 'missing' from their lives - the story said "They also discovered that addicts spent proportionately more time browsing sexually gratifying websites, online gaming sites and online communities." Maybe they're looking for true love, fun, and that feeling of community. Maybe it's something wrong with our "mediated culture" that's forcing that hand. I believe that this topic will likely grow worse as time progresses, unless we all find a way to bond on a global-level.
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