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Sue Frantz

Clinton named secretary of state - Nova Scotia News - - 0 views

    Obama working to avoid groupthink: "I assembled this team because I am a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions," he said. "I think that's how the best decisions are made. One of the dangers in a White House, based on my reading of history, is that you get wrapped up in group-think and everybody agrees with everything and there's no discussion and there are no dissenting views. So I am going to be welcoming a vigorous debate inside the White House. "But understand, I will be setting policy as president. I will be responsible for the vision that this team carries out, and I will expect them to implement that vision once decisions are made."
MrGhaz .

A New Eye on The World: Alternative Vision in Sight - 0 views

    According to Dr. Youtz, sightless reading is possible because black print absorbs more heat and is warmer than the surrounding white page, which reflects heat very efficiently. While this may account for people 'seeing' with their fingertips or elbows, it does not explain how people such as Kuda Bux or Margaret Foos could see objects without coming in contact with them. This type of eyeless sight remains a fully documented - but so far inexplicable - mystery.
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The grand delusion: What you see is not what you get - life - 16 May 2011 - New Scientist - 0 views

    Your senses are your windows on the world, and you probably think they do a fair job at capturing an accurate depiction of reality. Don't kid yourself. Sensory perception - especially vision - is a figment of your imagination. "What you're experiencing is largely the product of what's inside your head," says psychologist Ron Rensink at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. "It's informed by what comes in through your eyes, but it's not directly reflecting it."
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PXLab - The Psychological Experiments Laboratory - 0 views

    PXLab is a collection of Java classes and applications for running psychological experiments. The PXLab system allows interactive design of a wide range of experiments from all areas of psychological research. It includes a run time control system which runs experiments under highly optimized timing constraints. PXLab's major features include: Complete procedural control for sessions, blocks, and trials, display composition by combining elementary display objects, timing groups of display objects, more than 100 elementary display objects: text, geometric objects, images, gratings, sound, movies, and many more, conditional display execution, response collection from keyboard, mouse, external devices, and sound channels, precise timing with optimized use of accelerated video memory, automatic time control and report of all timing properties, vertical retrace synchronization with native code library under Windows, color control by CIE chromaticity coordinates using built in gamma correction, all display object properties controlled by experimental parameters, experiments can run as local applications or as HTML-embedded applets using the same design file, same program does data collection in the laboratory and on the internet extensible by implementing new display objects in Java code uses ASCII design files, tools for design file editing, command line experiments, and color calibration, special features for class room demonstrations and laboratory courses.
Leyla Bonilla

PsyBlog: How to Improve Your Self-Control - 0 views

  • It never ceases to amaze just how different two people's views of exactly the same event can be: one person's freedom fighter is another's terrorist.
  • why they maintain good physical health
  • Research reveals that people find it much easier to make decisions that demonstrate self-control when they are thinking about events that are distant in time, for example how much exercise they will do next week or what they will eat tomorrow (Fujita, 2008). Similarly they make much more disciplined decisions on behalf of other people than they do for themselves. People implicitly follow the maxim: do what I say, not what I do.
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  • how they maintained their physical health. Naturally they responded with things like: "Go exercise". In other words they focused on means rather than ends, the actual process.
  • low-construal thinking condition (thinking about means rather than ends
  • Those participants who had been encouraged to think in high-level, abstract terms demonstrated greater self-control in enduring the discomfort of the handgrip in order to receive more accurate personality profiles.
  • Participants tended to put answer such as: "To do well in school." This got them thinking about ends rather than means - the ultimate purpose of physical health.
  • Global processing. This means trying to focus on the wood rather than the trees: seeing the big picture and our specific actions as just one part of a major plan or purpose. For example, someone trying to eat healthily should focus on the ultimate goal and how each individual decision about what to eat contributes (or detracts) from that goal.
  • Abstract reasoning. This means trying to avoid considering the specific details of the situation at hand in favour of thinking about how actions fit into an overall framework
  • Someone trying to add more self-control to their exercise regime might try to think less about the details of the exercise, and instead focus on an abstract vision of the ideal physical self, or how exercise provides a time to re-connect mind and body.
  • Categorising tasks or project stages conceptually may help an individual or group maintain their focus and achieve greater self-discipline.
  • avoid thinking locally and specifically and practice thinking globally, objectively and abstractly, and increased self-control should follow.
    avoid thinking locally and specifically and practice thinking globally, objectively and abstractly, and increased self-control should follow.


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