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BBC News - Google responds to News Corp 'platform for piracy' blog - 2 views

    Google responds to an attack by the chief executive of News Corp, arguing it is tough on piracy and faces stiff competition.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

Culture Machine Journal of Culture and Theory - 2 views

    ' Pirate Philosophy' explores how the development of various forms of so - called internet piracy is affecting ideas of the author, the book, the scholarly journal, peer review, intellectual property, copyright law, content creation and cultural production that were established pre - internet. To this end it contains a number of contributions that engage with the philosophy of internet piracy, as well as the emergence out of peer-to-peer file sharing networks of actual social movements- even a number of political 'Pirate Parties' Culture Machine Journal of Culture and Theory Vol 10 (2009)

Scanner tags, comic book piracy and participatory culture - 0 views

    This essay takes a look at comic book scanners and why they do what they do -- namely, risking legal repercussions for the violation of IP laws without monetary reward. It's an interesting look at the participatory culture aspect of fandoms in the digital age.
    Chirospasm22 thank you for posting, I had never heard of comic book piracy until now!
robert morris

Google fires back at News Corp; defends search, piracy practices | Reuters - 2 views

    Interesting read.
    yes it is interesting thank you

Top three reasons we choose illegal downloads - 8 views

    This site explains why people choose to illegally downloads, even if some people know that they are breaking the copyright law.
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    very interesting and I agree with the responses.
    Interesting share! Thank you. I didn't realize that illegal downloads also largely and universally happen in North America before I read this article. Since I grew up in China, and now I've been living in Canada for three years. I know that illegal downloading is quite common in China as there are a large number of websites are providing free access to TV shows, movies, and even American dramas movies musics, and I believe they never paid for them. They are distributing them and selling ads to make profit which is illegal. I though this is not common in Canada and America because some of my Canadian friend told me they are used to buying music from iTunes and they were surprised when I show them all the musics they like can be free downloaded from a Chinese App. However now i can see that this also largely happens in North America. I think the article is good in showing why people choose to illegally downloads, and it's quite interesting. But I think it's also worthy to research on what they are doing with those illegally downloaded stuffs. For example, somebody are just downloading for themselves and some people are actually downloading for sharing it, or even selling it, which is definitely illegal.
    I agree with resualts of online survey
    Interesting read as I'm guilty of illegally downloading/streaming TV and music. Very surprised to see that the rich are the ones who illegally download on a regular basis.
    "I'd have to wait too long to see it on TV" is the reason I hear the most about when it comes to illegal downloading. Those people generally do make an effort to watch it when it does officially come out on TV though, to off-set their piracy. The way companies will show something in one country and then sit on it for five months before letting someone in another country watch it seems silly to me at this point, though. Yes digital piracy is illegal, but it seems to be getting to the point of the Prohibition Era in the United States: yes, it's illegal, but everyone's doing it anyway. I think somebody's going to need to change things up here, and it seems doubtful that the companies producing these shows can alter the cultural norms without a lot more work than it seems they're willing to put in.

Insect photographer squashed by copyright infringement (Wired UK) - 0 views

    "Here is a true story about how copyright infringement costs [a] small photography business thousands of dollars every year. Or, maybe it isn't. It could also be a true story of how copyright infringement earns thousands of dollars every year. I can't be sure."

Lockdown: The coming war on general-purpose computing - 2 views

    By Cory Doctorow - Share this article This article is based on a keynote speech to the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin, Dec. 2011. General-purpose computers are astounding. They're so astounding that our society still struggles to come to grips with them, what they're for, how to accommodate them, and how to cope with them.
    This is a charged essay on the challenges to computing freedom in light of copyright, digital rights management (DRM), piracy (SOPA) and related issues. The author argues for the need to examine and, at user's discretion, shut down backdoor programs that monitor and/or enforce limits of fair use.
Alefiyah Shikari - 3 views

The Politics of Piracy: Intellectual Property in Contemporary China

module4 intellectual property open knowledge access

started by Alefiyah Shikari on 22 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Faizal Ladha

Indigenous Knowledge - Public domain knowledge being privatised - 0 views This is an explosive video that I watched in the additional resources for week 1. The notion of GMO's and seeds have been on the periphery of my knowled...


started by Faizal Ladha on 07 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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