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Scanner tags, comic book piracy and participatory culture - 0 views

    This essay takes a look at comic book scanners and why they do what they do -- namely, risking legal repercussions for the violation of IP laws without monetary reward. It's an interesting look at the participatory culture aspect of fandoms in the digital age.
    Chirospasm22 thank you for posting, I had never heard of comic book piracy until now!

BBC News - Google responds to News Corp 'platform for piracy' blog - 2 views

    Google responds to an attack by the chief executive of News Corp, arguing it is tough on piracy and faces stiff competition.
robert morris

Google fires back at News Corp; defends search, piracy practices | Reuters - 2 views

    Interesting read.
    yes it is interesting thank you
Raúl Marcó del Pont

Culture Machine Journal of Culture and Theory - 2 views

    ' Pirate Philosophy' explores how the development of various forms of so - called internet piracy is affecting ideas of the author, the book, the scholarly journal, peer review, intellectual property, copyright law, content creation and cultural production that were established pre - internet. To this end it contains a number of contributions that engage with the philosophy of internet piracy, as well as the emergence out of peer-to-peer file sharing networks of actual social movements- even a number of political 'Pirate Parties' Culture Machine Journal of Culture and Theory Vol 10 (2009)
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