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Cathy Davidson's Blog - 0 views

    I took a course taught by this professor on Coursera - The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education. Davidson contributed the Hacking the Academy, a source I posted elsewhere. Her blog is a great exploration of creativity in Higher Ed (or the lack thereof). The blog is on the HASTAC site - Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Alliance Collaboratory. LOTS going on there... I enjoy her blog because of the lively language and the provocations - at least they are provocative for so-called traditional schools.The recent blog post reviews a film about education The Ivory Tower; "...that the movie is strong and powerful on the problem, and a bit weak on solutions." Haven't seen it. Davidson puts in a plug for HASTAC: "HASTAC has been addressing the connection between equity and innovation since its founding in 2002." I'm digressing. This is not a critique of her particular blog post, just a suggestion that the blog is interesting and HASTAC site has lots on it that is relevant to the topics we're exploring in this course.

BBC News - Google responds to News Corp 'platform for piracy' blog - 2 views

    Google responds to an attack by the chief executive of News Corp, arguing it is tough on piracy and faces stiff competition.
Fernando Carraro

Social Citizen/ Yoáni Sánchez / Humans Rights - 2 views

Hasta parece un relato de lo que se vive en México, gracias por compartir.

module3 open knowledge publishing blog yoani cuba rights citizen


How can I inrcease the number of my blog readers? - 4 views

Ok, I'm new at all of this. But I seem to understand that there is a whole community out there who is keen on sharing, learning and networking. So I might just make use of it ☺ I write a blog. It's...

module2 publishing blog

started by tinavanro on 16 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Light Stalking | Beautiful Photography - 0 views

    A good place to find useful help when working with photo editing.
    A good place to find useful help when working with photo editing.
Guaraciara Silva


This blog has some tools to help spanish languages learners to improve theirs language skills. I use this blog in my clases.

learning languages skills blog

started by Guaraciara Silva on 11 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Guaraciara Silva

New way to share information - 1 views

We live in a world where in a lots of parts there are many information being shared each second, anyway we need to learn and teach to change all these informations in Knowledge. This is my personal...

opendata blog skills learn teach information

started by Guaraciara Silva on 11 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

No film school - 4 views

Wow, that looks great. Thanks for sharing:-)

film blog guide professionals

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