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Startup Weekend EDU Mexico City - 0 views

    Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

"Freemium:" An interesting approach to making money - 1 views

This is a segment from This American Life entitled "I Got 99 Problems and a Pitch is One." In it, producer Alex Blumberg explains the concept of "freemium." It is essentially giving something away ...

module4 intellectualproperty podcast publishing

Ad Huikeshoven

Open Education and Open Educational Resources - links to Dutch resources - 1 views

    This weeks module 4 in the Stanford Online course OpenKnowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning is not only about copyleft and economics of open, but also about Open Education. Just this week President Obama highlights Open Education in a speech to U.N. and updates the U.S. The course requires to seek, sense and share resources, and bookmark them at Diigo. I have found a range of resources about Open Education and Open Educational Resources from the Netherlands. Those are listed below, including a couple of other links. At least there is written a lot about OE&OER in the Netherlands.
Kaitie Warren

Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices - 2 views

    Report outlining how libraries deal with database licensing, how they negotiate with vendors, what conditions libraries negotiate for, how much money libraries spend on database licenses, etc. This information would be really helpful to libraries considering shifting more towards open access sources. You can see a few key points here, but of course this report is not open! Your library might have a copy from past years.
Guaraciara Silva

OPEN ACCESS - 1 views

This site shows a list of a lots of Open Access Information and Tools. This way, the copyrights are respected.

open access knowledge module4 mooc information

started by Guaraciara Silva on 26 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Open multimedia searching exercise. - 2 views

Picture of the day module4

started by Ana Muñoz de Rivera on 24 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Kevin Stranack

School of Open Africa to launch in September - Creative Commons - 2 views

    "School of Open is a global community of volunteers providing free online courses, face-to-face workshops, and innovative training programs on the meaning, application, and impact of "openness" in the digital age. Through School of Open, you can learn how to add a Creative Commons license to your work, find free resources for classroom use, open up your research, remix a music video, and more!"

¡Copiad, malditos! - 3 views

Un documental sobre propiedad intelectual producido por RTVE


started by carl7710 on 01 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
lupogarcia and chacunin liked it
mark Christopher

That Thing - The Napster phenomenon - 2 views

    Published on Dec 30, 2012 Short programme, produced in the year 2000, on the emergence of a technology called Napster, the file sharing software application that revolutionised music distribution world-wide.
Alefiyah Shikari - 1 views

Why Hackers Do What They Do: Understanding Motivation and Effort in Free/Open Source Software Projects1

module4 open source knowledge access

started by Alefiyah Shikari on 22 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Insect photographer squashed by copyright infringement (Wired UK) - 0 views

    "Here is a true story about how copyright infringement costs [a] small photography business thousands of dollars every year. Or, maybe it isn't. It could also be a true story of how copyright infringement earns thousands of dollars every year. I can't be sure."
Fernando Carraro

Datos abiertos en México - 0 views

    Sitio que promueve la transparencia de información en México Grupo en facebook:
    Muy bueno y útil. Muchas gracias


    La propiedad intelectual se refiere a todas las creaciones de la mente humana. La propiedad intelectual se divide en derecho de autor y derechos conexos por una parte, y propiedad industrial por otra.
Aruna Maruthi

Advantages of Open Access publishing - 1 views

Scientific information linked and shared globally benefits everyone, the publisher themselves and others.Two links that would like to share! https://ww...

module4 open access publishing

started by Aruna Maruthi on 25 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

A list of stock image sites - 0 views

    This is a list of free or nearly free stock image sites that I created. The list is housed on a website that I directed, it is an open access set of resources in family medicine and primary care.
Teresa Belkow

ccMixter - Another very good website for CC Music - 1 views

    ccMixter is a community remix site operated by ArtisTech Media, created by Creative Commons

Educatina - Aprende lo que quieras gratis - 1 views

    Es una plataforma en la que colaboran distintas universidades para hacer videos de diferentes materias e incluso posee algunos videos más especializados. El acceso es totalmente gratuito y es un ejemplo de una plataforma que contribuye a que el compartir conocimiento no esté limitado económicamente.
    ¡Gracias por compartir, está genial!
Kim Baker

The P2P mode of production - 2 views

    "The current crisis, the deepest and longest in the history of capitalism, has opened a debate around the world about what appears, more clearly with each passing day, to be the simultaneous destruction of the two principal institutions of social and economic life: the State and the market. Never in living memory has the economic system been so universally questioned. On the other hand, never before have technical capacities been so powerful, and, more importantly, so accessible to people and small organizations. In fact, never before have so many small businesses taken part in the world market. Nearly free [gratis] P2P communication technologies let them create the largest commercial networks in history. The emergence of free software (which, by itself, represents the largest-ever transfer of value to the economic periphery) empowered them with unexpected independence. Millions of small businesses around the world, especially in Asia, were able to coordinate among themselves this way and hone their products just as new markets were opening up to them. It's "globalization of the small." It's not a marginal phenomenon: never before have so many people around the world gotten out of poverty."
Guaraciara Silva

Standard License or Copyrights? that´s the question? - 0 views

Published on Apr 10, 2012 Category Education License Standard YouTube License This video was used as part of my classes about Brasilian Literature and I j...

copyrights module4 mooc publishing Privacy knowledge open open access lisence

started by Guaraciara Silva on 26 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
robert morris

DigitalKoans » Blog Archive » Digital Curation News (9/26/2014) #digitalprese... - 0 views

    Digital curation publishing tools, news
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