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Support Guides | Copyright @ UBC - 2 views

    If you're taking this course out of Canada, the Copyright @ UBC website has a lot of really good information available to you. Guides specifically relevant to this course include the Creative Commons Guide (where you can find information about using CC licensed work, applying CC licenses to your own work, and several lists of websites where you can find CC licensed work) and the Public Domain Guide (where you can find information about how to determine if something is in the public domain in Canada). The entire site is CC BY-SA (except where otherwise indicated) though, so the entire thing is a resource for copyright questions in Canada.

Scanner tags, comic book piracy and participatory culture - 0 views

    This essay takes a look at comic book scanners and why they do what they do -- namely, risking legal repercussions for the violation of IP laws without monetary reward. It's an interesting look at the participatory culture aspect of fandoms in the digital age.
Becky E

Landowner Copyrights "Art" on His Land to Prevent Pipeline - 3 views

copyright Module4
started by Becky E on 06 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
  • chirospasm22
    I feel like copyright terms are way too long in general, but I have to say that I get a kick out of someone using them like this.

30,000+ images available for free download from Museum of New Zealand - 1 views

    This link is more of an overview of the resource rather than the resource itself, which can be found here: The collection is fantastic, and can either be searched for all images relating to your keywords, or only the images that are available for download. If you're downloading an image under a CC BY-NC-ND license, they provide you with the attribution that they'd like you to use, and ask about your intended use (with a drop-down menu) and for more information if you're interested in sharing it, but answering those questions is optional. Appending "We're really interested!" to the request for additional information seems like a pretty clever way to encourage people to provide more information though, I'd be interested in finding out how well that works.

BOINC - 5 views

    BOINC is an open-source software platform where you can choose a project, download the software, and use the idle time on your computer to assist in scientific research. It's not about citizen science, but it's a useful resource for people who are interested in participating in citizen science.
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