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Olivia Azar

Copyright in MOOCS - 5 views

    If you want to dig deeper in terms of copyright, this PDF might be helpful.
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    What copyright considerations effect MOOC? Are technology transfer issues at stake? Both discussed very nicely in this paper?
    The issue of copyright has always been a contentious issue long before the introduction of MOOCs. The debate, now that we have MOOCs in our midst will continue as we try to find a common ground. The issue on the table is fair play.
    The article addresses the copyright challenges in a MOOC environment. Very useful reading as it discusses the IPR issues we generally do not think of.

Que es Creative Commons - 1 views Una infografía útil!

knowledge module4

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Balance between open access and protection of intellectual property - 1 views

    With the changes in technology, it is harder and harder to protect author's intellectual property. However, we can try to achieve a balance between open access and intellectual property.

Is Intellectual property still existing today - 0 views

    In this society crowded with information, people can freely access to any kind of information. Intellectual property seems to unimportant. Many people even don't aware that they steal intellectual property from others. Is this a definite trend or do we have ways to protect authors?

COPY-ME Web Series - 0 views

    "Copy-me is an animated web series about the sharing of knowledge and open culture. About laws, myths and misconceptions, about the Internet and all the benefits of sharing." The idea was artistically and satirically presented using animation series for better understanding and appreciation of the audience.

The Commercialization of Higher Education as a Threat to the Values of Ethnical Citizen... - 0 views

    An interesting article written by Tatjana Tkaseva Chorney that describes the subject in detail from different angles. In her work Tatjana analyses subjects as education as commodity, students as consumers and educators as service providers.
    It does sound interesting when one stops to consider it seems an accurate forecast.

Economics and Outcomes of Open Learning : - 1 views

A newly discovered resource i found with reference to Economics and Outcomes of Open Learning : Link is :

open access Knowledge Open MOOC Module4

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Ignoramus OKMOOC

Open Innovation - The Good, the bad and the uncertainties - 0 views

    Eliza Laur CORAS and Adrian Tumitru TANTAU elaborate on the principles of open innovation. Students experienced in open learning might be better suited in a business world, where innovation has changed from being done in a closed shop, to being fostered by a free - albeit carefully managed - in- and outflow of information

Learn - 6 views

    Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

"Monkey, Ghost, and God 'cant own copyright' says US" - 9 views

I would agree that in this situation, the photographer should own the copyright on the monkey selfie. I think that while its really neat and cool that monkeys can take selfies and elephants can pai...

privacy mooc open knowledge module4 copyright open access


The Ukufunda Virtual School - 0 views

    Ukufunda, which means "learn" in isiZulu, is the name of the virtual school that was developed by Mxit Reach, UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education. It's an innovation in the South African education system that will address inequalities in the school system, raise education standards and put the power of education in the hands of every learner, teacher and parent.

Access to knowledge in Africa: The role of copyright - 2 views

    Research by the African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) project thoroughly covers the issues related to copyright and access to learning resources in higher education in 8 African countries, namely Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda. For each country, the authors give the background setting, an analysis and critical evaluation of the legal doctrine and inter-relationships, a qualitative assessment and then draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvements to be undertaken to improve the status quo of these challenges. It's acknowledged that much more research is still needed. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Perpectiva de conocimiento abierto - 1 views

    La evolución del conocimiento ha evolucionado, pero lo importante de cada etapa sin duda alguna es la producción y divulgación de estos.
    avanzado mucho, pero todavía tiene mucho camino por recorrer!

Find OER | Open Professionals Education Network - 5 views

    Very good collection of useful sites + instructions how to find Creative Commons licensed items
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    useful... thank you
    Quite interesting guide on how to find relevant OER of different types and natures. «Reusing existing Open Educational Resources (OER) can save significant time and effort. The OPEN partners recommend TAACCCT grantees invest up-front time finding OER to reuse rather than starting development of new educational resources right away. A significant benefit of OER is that they provide source material to build your development efforts around.» Ricardo twitter: @ricbruno71
    Really helpful go-to collection of links with explanations for each, and more than just image references (videos, sounds, etc). Great resource, thanks for sharing.

Open Archives Initiative - 2 views

    Support for Open Archives Initiative activities has come from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Coalition for Networked Information, the Digital Library Federation, Microsoft Corporation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and from the National Science Foundation (IIS-9817416 and IIS-0430906).
Olga Huertas

Recursos Educativos Abiertos en Ambientes Enriquecidos con Tecnología - 0 views

    El documento tiene por objetivo compartir experiencias de enseñanza, aprendizaje e investigación educativa en la incorporación de Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA) en la practica docente. Abordando los temas básicos de estrategias cognitivas, estilos de aprendizaje y enseñanza, así como los retos inherentes en el uso de tecnología y los desafíos que se tienen en el proceso de apropiación tecnológica, descubriéndose nuevas habilidades en la práctica educativa que potencian el aprendizaje significativo en el salón de clase.
    El documento tiene por objeto compartir experiencias de enseñanza, aprendizaje e investigación educativa en la incorporación de Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA) en la practica docente.

Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the remix | Talk Video | - 0 views

    Embrace the remix ​ Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix. From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, he says our most celebrated creators borrow, steal and transform.
Julia Echeverría

Hackers pull off 'world's biggest' data heist - 0 views

    Hi, there I think that we must talk about this issue, is very important to know more about it. Russian hackers have pulled off what is possibly the largest cyber security breach in history, stealing 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and more than 500 million email addresses, security experts say. More than 420,000 websites, including large, well-known sites as well as smaller companies, were targeted by a cybercrime ring dubbed Cybervor.
robert morris

Alltop - Top Open Source News - 0 views

    Gobbled up an hour here today.
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