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Olivia Azar

Open Science Directory - 2 views

    What a wealth of information for the people of the world. I searched for my favourite topic "Data mining" and viola!! I felt like Eureka!

Science journal Nature to make archives available online - 2 views

    "The science journal Nature will make its archive of papers, dating back to 1869, free by way of read-only links available to subscribers and major news outlets. Under the new system, planned as a one-year trial, subscribers such as universities and researchers will be able to share a link to a read-only version of a Nature paper with anyone."
    This is a great idea - hope to see more follow this model. Ideally, it would be nice to see it open a bit further (to lay persons), but this is a positive move.

Mobile phones 'game changers' for kids' rights - 0 views

    By: Thomson Reuters Foundation Nairobi - Mobile phones and other technological innovations can be "game changers" in securing children's rights, the United Nations children's agency Unicef said at the launch of its first crowd-sourced report on Thursday.

Citizen Science - 1 views

    A list of Citizen Science projects. Do you want to get involved?
    I'd totally love to do the SETI@home one! WOW!

ScienceOpen - 0 views

    ScienceOpen, is a next generation Open Access platform that builds on the premise that scholarly publishing is not an end in itself, but the beginning of a dialogue to move research forward. It combines over 1 million articles from all areas of modern science, the humanities and social sciences with collaborative pre-publication workspaces, immediate publication and post-publication peer-review.
anonymous - 1 views

Help fund the next wave of scientific research

funding science research

started by anonymous on 15 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

South African initiative Siyavula - 3 views

May Siyavula go from strength to strength. May they gain much support for the fantastic work they're doing to improve education and the lives of South African (and other) youth.

OER school textbooks science


WORLD LIBRARY OF SCIENCE A Global Community for Science Education - 1 views

this online Library offers quality Nature Education content in short eBooks and articles, serving a mission to equalize access to high quality resources for science education for all communities ac...

science community


Smithsonian Digital Volunteers - 1 views

    Smithsonian museums transcription center--volunteer on projects to create information about newly digitized collections, lots of fascinating stuff to see. "Join us as we create digital records for the United States National Entomological Collection! Bumblebees (the Bombus genus) are social insects that feed on nectar and collect pollen to feed their young, making them very important pollinators!
    This seems like a good way to get kids involved in open activities. These all look like very interesting projects, even if transcription isn't all that entertaining, and it results in an actual real world accomplishment which can be a good way to motivate students who don't see the point of school work because it's "just" for school.

Edheads Virtual Medical Games - 2 views

    You can make surgeries like a knee surgery or steem cell surgery of heart. It is an educational web site to learn about medical topics, specially surgeries, it promotes science diffusion and advantages of the different surgeries to people. Este sitio tiene juegos científicos, especialmente médicos, que permiten desarrollar cirugías en línea, la meta de la página es que las personas conozcan los beneficios de algunos procedimientos médicos y que conozcan sus bases científicas y cómo se llevan a cabo. Es un sitio educativo.

"Science as an open enterprise", July 2012, The Royal Society - 2 views

    This is a long report (105 pages). It discusses the role of openness in science, mandate for change, and it gives recommendations to the roles that government, institutions and individuals can take on.

Open Science - 0 views

Another second newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Open Science Link is :

OpenScience open access Knowledge Module6 Module 6 Data Access openknowledge open learningopen science MOOC

started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14 no follow-up yet

Open Science, Data Access - 0 views

A newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Open Science Link is :

OpenScience open access Knowledge Module6 Data Access Module 6 open science MOOC

started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Ignoramus OKMOOC

Open science, data, access - 3 views

The second resource references the openscience working groups oft the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC), which is a not for profit that manages and operates cloud computing infrastructure for medium to l...

science data access open access Knowledge Open module6 Module 6 publishing accesss

Ignoramus OKMOOC

Introduction to Openness in Education - 5 views

    An online course by David Wiley covering a wide range of topics within open education and open knowledge in the wider sense.
    Opened in a broader sense knowledge and a broad range of topics is something wonderful for those wanting to learn more and more from anywhere in the world!
    Una manera diferente de ver la Educación, muy interesante.
Sam M

5 Open Access Journals - 6 views

5 Open Access Journals to check out!

Module6 OpenAccess Open Journals Science

started by Sam M on 23 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Aruna Maruthi

List of open science journals in India - 0 views

Open Science Publications (OSP) is an open access journal rostrum for peer reviewed, scientific literature. OSP is poised on offering researchers and research institutions all over the world with r...

open access open Science Module 6

started by Aruna Maruthi on 13 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Tricia Marie Catral

Indigenous Knowledge, Peoples and Sustainable Practices - 1 views

    So I stumbled across this article while I was searching the internet regarding Indigenous Knowledge here in the Philippines. The article on this link provides further information regarding Indigenous Knowledge all over the world. It's a very interesting 12 page article which sheds light on various people under different tribes in different parts of the world.
Alefiyah Shikari

Governance Of Science - 0 views

    This ground-breaking text offers a fresh perspective on the governance of science from the standpoint of social and political theory. Science has often been seen as the only institution that embodies the elusive democratic ideal of the 'open society'.

CienciaDirecta - 2 views

    Descubre, Fundación Andaluza para la divulgación de la Innovación y el Conocimiento I would like to introduce the Spanish Fundación Descubre ( and, inside it, the network called "Divulga red" (, thought to connect people (professional and amateur researchers and citizens in general), communicate and collaborate among them. DivulgaRed let people reveal research topics and the value of the science in different fields, sharing ideas with other researchers and group of people, all with the basis of a collaborative work. I had the pleasure of giving two talks in high-schools telling about optical communications and novelties that people can have in a near future. In a very good atmosphere, students and their own teachers asked me questions and I can enjoy a very nice atmosphere making my knowledge in this topic public. Even more, teachers in the high school were later discussing with me about possibilities in Education, and both they and me built some experiments to be made by students in the high school during the semester. So, as a concluding remark, every body who wants to share a new idea, or to obtain a new point of view, or simply who wants to introduce or simply to learn about a new topic is welcome in Fundación Descubre and DivulgaRed project. Regards. Dr. Antonio Jurado-Navas
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