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started by ricbruno on 30 Sep 14
  • ricbruno
    I found this video quite attractive. Well realised and well focused. By focusing on showing facts and figures that can be seen as unexpected or shocking the authors clearly managed to keep the attention of the viewer. And quite a lot of interesting data shown leads to deep reflections.
    The video is successful in passing a quite clear message: social and digital media are unquestionably part of our lives.
    This leads me to two reflections, a major and a minor:
    The main one is the fact that indeed our education systems do need desperately to catch up with the world. Though we find today amazing examples of openness, sharing and digital integration in the education system, we also find that the average case is hardly even close. We must be capable of going beyond the frontrunners and reach out to the average school, teacher and student. Classrooms should be as open and sharing spaces as our lives are.
    The second one is a detail. We simply must take out of our speeches the expression "21st century". We keep on using it as meaning a modern world, a new era, or alike. The fact is that most of students were born after 2000. Therefore it is not the 21st century that is new, it is the 20th that is pre-birth for most, therefore pre-historic.
  • chacunin
    Totally agree with the term "21st century" :)

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