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Martin Burrett

Learning from Failure - 2 views

    "Failure happens. We should come to expect it and dealt with it when it happens. But learning to welcome failure? That is a big ask and one which many of us are not comfortable in doing. Yet there is a growing movement of educators who think that failure is not only a learning opportunity but something which should be celebrated. How does this fit into a schooling system which has been intolerant of failure from both staff and pupils, and punish those who attempt to reach higher and but don't succeed?"
Vicki Davis

The Nerdy Teacher: Smiling As My Students Fail #edchat - 4 views

    Great advice from Nicholas Provenzano about failure: "What I am not saying is that teachers should leave students on their own to figure everything out and sit back and watch them fail on exams or essays. Teachers still need to guide their students and let them explore learning, but you have to let them try new things and learn through trial and error. The error part is the thing people are starting to forget. In the rush to get through content, it's easier to give students the answers instead of letting them discover them on their own through hard work.  As you work in your class this year, try to take a step back when a student fails the first time. Assure them they can come up with the right answer on their own if they try a couple of times. Offer them strategies on how to approach problems in different ways to get new outcomes. "
Dean Mantz

The Best Posts, Articles & Videos About Learning From Mistakes & Failures | L... - 3 views

    Very nice collection of resources to help show that mistakes and failures can be a positive experience.  
Ed Webb

Helicopter parents not doing enough to let children fail - 14 views

  • children who were becoming less resilient and unable to cope with failure
  • someone invented the concept of self-esteem,'' Dr Kefford said. ''In some ways it has been the most damaging educational concept that has ever been conceived.
  • That is when we stopped our proper work in the character formation in young people. If we are serious about building resilience, we have to let them fail. It is only through our failings in the learning process that we learn anything
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  • Generation Y or the ''millennials'' (born between 1982 and 1999) are entering the workforce overconfident and with a sense of entitlement
  • Feeling special often means the expectation of special treatment
Dave Truss

21st Century Teaching and Learning: "Congrats! You did it Wrong!" The Critical Role of ... - 14 views

    we all should now be cognizant of the critical importance of innovation across all spectrums of our society -- this includes teaching and learning. We need change agents, we need out-of-the-box thinkers, we need creative minds. We need to foster a generation of risk takers and I believe we, as educators, need to be weaving risk-taking into our pedagogy to model it to our students. Risk-taking is teaching creativity.
Ben W

YouTube - Famous Failures - 0 views

    Nice video on famous failures.
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