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Walter Antoniotti

Student Personal Finance - 3 views

Students Personal Finance Internet Library has learning materials for students of all ages, parents, and teachers.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 18 Jul 17 no follow-up yet
Vicki Davis

5 Ways to Promote Student Agency - Cooper on Curriculum - 0 views

    Ross Cooper talks about how his school is promoting student agency based on the book Education Reimagined. If you're having curriculum discussions, this is a great place to start.
Walter Antoniotti

Career Optopns for Graduates - 0 views

Help for a difficult decision.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 07 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
Brendan Murphy

Professional Development: More Than Just a Checkbox on a Form | Edutopia - 11 views

  • Many teachers are finding their PD through connectedness.
  • Many teachers are finding their PD through connectedness
  • Many teachers are finding their PD through connectedness
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Many teachers are finding their PD through connectedness
  • Maybe it would be more beneficial if teachers, after their DIY PD, could point to evidence of successful PD in their lessons.
  • It also turns PD from theoretical to authentic learning.
  • Teachers could point to a combination of online and face-to-face meetings that enabled them to accomplish a certain task with their class, and verify it by having an administrator observe the results
  • modeling their newfound methods to their colleagues,
  • What if the DIY PD does not yield an effective improvement?
  • administrator to not just point out the flaws, but to counsel the teacher on improvements
  • observation from a judgmental assessment into a learning experience
Vicki Davis

Microsoft to extend Windows XP anti-malware updates one year | ZDNet - 1 views

    OK. I think this will be great news for many schools who are still clinging to Windows XP. Microsoft will keep supplying anti-malware updates to Windows XP until april 15, 2014. The March 2013 date caused an outcry among many and we've been working hard to update all the XP machines with extra RAM so they could go to Windows 7. But with the machines working so well on XP many of us wonder why we should dispose of machines that work so well especially in cash crunched times. Take your time - you've got a little longer although for us in the US if they'd go through June 2015 it means we can get 2 more school years out of XP machines. In a sign of the times, it can make all the difference between some kids using technology and some not.
Vicki Davis

Education Week: A Sandy Hook Parent's Letter to Teachers - 2 views

    Must read letter over at Edweek from a mom of one child who died at Sandy Hook and one who survived... if you want to be affirmed and remember why you teach, this is the post you should share with everyone. "Your courage will support students who are left out and overlooked, like the isolated young man who killed my daughter. At some point he was a young, impressionable student, often sitting all alone at school. You will have kids facing long odds for whom your smile, your encouraging word, and your willingness to go the extra mile will provide the comfort and security they need to try again tomorrow. When you Google "hero," there should be a picture of a principal, a school lunch worker, a custodian, a reading specialist, a teacher, or a bus monitor. Real heroes don't wear capes. They work in America's schools. "When I asked my son's teacher why she returned, she responded, 'Because they are my kids.' " Being courageous requires faith. It took faith to go back to work at Sandy Hook after the shooting. Nobody had the answers or knew what would come tomorrow, but they just kept going. Every opportunity you have to create welcoming environments in our schools where parents and students feel connected counts."
Walter Antoniotti

Thoughts On Improving Education - 15 views Thoughts welcome!

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 17 Aug 13 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Educating the Class of 2030 - 12 views

Thirty-five years of teaching mathematics related courses like economics and statistics in HS and college plus years in continuing education administration has led to my GRAND THEORY. Suggestions n...

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 31 Jul 13 no follow-up yet
Vicki Davis

Fighting Childhood Obesity One School Cafeteria at a Time - ABC News - 0 views

    Can you design a school to promote healthy eating? There are things every cafeteria can do (read to the end.) This is a big problem and something we need to address. Every school should have a fruit basket near the checkout. It is a no brainer, but do we? "Just walk into the cafeteria and you can see this is no ordinary elementary school. "One of the most striking differences is the openness of the eating space," said pediatrician Dr. Matthew Trowbridge, who also consulted on the project. Students can look into the area where the food is prepared, and they can look outside to a planned school garden, where vegetables will soon be planted."
David Warlick

What if Finland's great teachers taught in U.S. schools? (Not what you think) - 16 views

    Many governments are under political and economic pressure to turn around their school systems for higher rankings in the international league tables. Education reforms often promise quick fixes within one political term. Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Finland are commonly used models for the nations that hope to improve teaching and learning in their schools. In search of a silver bullet, reformers now turn their eyes on teachers, believing that if only they could attract "the best and the brightest" into the teaching profession, the quality of education would improve.
Madeline Binder

Free Giveaway: Proven Ways to Fund Your Classroom Science Supplies - 7 views

This book was complied after interviewing teachers, principals, PTA members and nonprofit experts. Most of the events raised between $10,000 to $20,0000. There is also information on grant writin...

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started by Madeline Binder on 08 Apr 13 no follow-up yet
Nelly Cardinale - Project - 1 views

    Free virtual environment to teach the fundamental of computer Networking
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Technology Links - 8 views

    Resource for all teachers, administrators and Parents.
Suzie Nestico

In Education, Small Is Sensible « Deborah Meier on Education - 3 views

    Why small, organic, agency-driven schools are important.  Addresses the extraneous factors important to school reform such as poverty, drugs, violence, etc.
Suzie Nestico

Diigo Education Offerings - SlideShare - 12 views

    Created by Maggie Tsai.  Thorough explanation of the differences between Diigo Educator Accounts and Education domain.  Extensive how-to regarding how to obtain and facilitate either.
edutopia .org

Unlocking Learning Mastery | Edutopia - 8 views

    Gamification is one response. By embedding diverse achievements into activities and assessments, learning progress can be refracted infinitely. These systems would be able to more flexibly respond to unique learner pathways and abilities, and would further serve as encouragement mechanics -- instead of one carrot stick, there are hundreds. And not just carrots, but every fruit and vegetable imaginable.
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