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Should I Stop Assigning Homework? - Jessica Lahey - The Atlantic - 14 views

    • edwardhilton
    It's a complicated question. Economic data is showing that only our best a brightest are receiving an economic benefit from the academic part of education. More that half going to college are making a poor economic decision. How academic is your group? Is there something they could do to prepare them to lead a more satisfying life?
David Warlick

What if Finland's great teachers taught in U.S. schools? (Not what you think) - 16 views

    Many governments are under political and economic pressure to turn around their school systems for higher rankings in the international league tables. Education reforms often promise quick fixes within one political term. Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Finland are commonly used models for the nations that hope to improve teaching and learning in their schools. In search of a silver bullet, reformers now turn their eyes on teachers, believing that if only they could attract "the best and the brightest" into the teaching profession, the quality of education would improve.
Dean Mantz

The Best Posts, Articles & Videos About Learning From Mistakes & Failures | L... - 3 views

    Very nice collection of resources to help show that mistakes and failures can be a positive experience.  
Vicki Davis

Tinderizer - Sending articles to your Kindle, one click at a time! - 5 views

    If you have a Kindle fire or kindle and want to send articles, there are many ways to send articles there. Tinderizer is one of them. My favorite iPad RSS reader Mr. Reeder will send to Tinderizer ( and Diigo and Tumblr which is why I use it.)
Lisa M Lane

Some faculty distressed by Pawlenty's online ed vision - - 8 views

    When Jon Stewart asked Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty last week for some examples of how he intended to administer "limited and effective" government, the Republican governor did not roll out boilerplate rhetoric on welfare or farm subsidies. Instead, he took square aim at traditional higher education.

    "Do you really think in 20 years somebody's going to put on their backpack, drive a half hour to the University of Minnesota from the suburbs, haul their keister across campus, and sit and listen to some boring person drone on about econ 101 or Spanish 101?" Pawlenty asked Stewart, host of "The Daily Show."
Kathy Benson

Some educators question if whiteboards, other high-tech tools raise achievement - 29 views

    Under enormous pressure to reform, the nation's public schools are spending millions of dollars each year on gadgets from text-messaging devices to interactive whiteboards that technology companies promise can raise student performance.

    Great article David. I just posted it to my facebook. I've been saying this for a very long time. Of course when I got to this campus there are white boards in almost every instructional venue.
    Post article against spending money on iwb - I disagree.
Lisa M Lane

Three Promising Alternatives for Assessing College Students... [pdf] - 4 views

    Trudy W. Banta, Merilee Griffin, Teresa L. Flateby, and Susan Kahn
    Foreword by Jillian Kinzie (Dec 2009)
    National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

    1) ePortfolios, 2) a system of rubrics for
    evaluating student writing and thinking across the
    curriculum, and, 3) online assessment communi-
    ties that facilitate facassessment practices. centers on the establishment of online assessment
    communities. These are basically groups of faculty
    who take time out to discuss how students can be

    Cited in: March 2010 overview by Lorenzo Associates
David Hilton

Informationsplattform Open Access: Homepage - 4 views

    Collections of open access articles, sources and information organised by topics. Useful for research.
Kelly Faulkner

DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms - 26 views

    this is a great site for teacher help - online meetings and how to's, loads of cheat sheets and other things helpful to teachers who are guiding themselves through the integration of tech in classrooms
David Hilton

Education Week: Inverting Bloom's Taxonomy - 34 views

    A compelling analysis of how 'critical thinking' models are misused in the history classroom.
David Hilton

Education Week: Stress, Control, and the Deprofessionalizing of Teaching - 6 views

    Makes some compelling arguments about education, especially considering his conclusions are based upon real evidence, not dodgy research or theories.
David Hilton

BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Young Minds Force-Fed With Indigestible Texts - The New York Times - 0 views

  • As for the teaching of history, Ms. Ravitch argues, the sort of censorship being practiced today by textbook publishers can result in all manner of distortions and simplifications. For instance, to insist that depictions of women as nurses, elementary-school teachers, clerks, secretaries, tellers and librarians perpetuate demeaning stereotypes is to minimize ''the barriers that women faced,'' and to pretend ''that the gender equality of the late 20th and early 21st centuries was a customary condition in the past.''
    What do people think of this woman's criticism of education today? Are we so blinkered by ideological prejudices that we're killing what makes education exciting and effective?
Mireille Jansma

Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning - 0 views

    The Open University's peer reviewed Journal of Open and Distance Learning, Open Learning, has devoted its first issue of 2009 to the theme of Open Educational Resources (OER).The issue provides an introduction to the emerging OER movement and its implications for education systems and institutions, educators and learners. The articles describe a range of initiatives and issues, and articulate the vision of some of the most committed and passionate champions of Open Educational Resources. Together they communicate the energy and dynamism associated with this new movement, and its potential to extend learning opportunities worldwide.
James Gates

Educational Leadership:Literacy 2.0 - 0 views

    You'll recognize many of the authors, I'm sure. A very nice collection of articles to keep you busy reading for a while.
    A nice collection of articles, many available online, from the folks at ASCD.
Maggie Verster

MIT Will Publish All Faculty Articles Free In Online Repository - 0 views

    Faculty voted unanimously this week to approve a resolution that allows MIT to freely and publicly distribute research articles they write. MIT plans to create a repository to make these articles available online.
Dean Mantz

Home - 0 views

    This link connects you with Ian Jukes' website. Ian Jukes is one of the big names in education and technology integration. You will find many of his presentations and resources on this site.
John Evans

Search | Edutopia - Wikis - 0 views

    Search results from Edutopia magazine with resulting articles on wikis.
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