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Martin Burrett

Cognitive Load Theory - UKEdChat - 0 views

    We all get overloaded from time to time, especially toward the end of a term when your todo list turns from being measured by points to metres. We all have our own capacity to deal with the issues at hand, and the ideas behind Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) attempt to maximise our bandwidth while streamlining the signals. The origins of the theory go back to the 1980s when a plethora of digital innovations changed how presentations were done in the business world. This trickled down in the following decades into how teachers presented ideas, moving away from blackboard and Over-Head Projectors to digitalised PowerPoint presentations. As with any new innovation, form overcame function, and for a period in the early noughties, I swear it must have been the law to cram as many animations and sound effects into every PowerPoint, and reading every word from the screen aloud was mandatory.
Martin Burrett

Kindling Curiosity by @sciencelabman - 3 views

    "How many times do you hear a pupil fishing for the answer to the question you have just asked? How many hands go up to say, "Sir, I am Stuck!" and "Sir I can't do this!", or similar."
Melinda Waffle

Cognitive Surplus: The Great Spare-Time Revolution | Magazine - 6 views

    "we also have a third drive. We do things because they're interesting, because they're engaging, because they're the right things to do, because they contribute to the world. The problem is that, especially in our organizations, we stop at that second drive. We think the only reason people do productive things is to snag a carrot or avoid a stick."
Maxime Lagacé

How to Raise an Olympic Athlete | Psychology Today - 1 views

    Focus on their happiness, Foster self-discipline, Practice, practice, practice, Also practice dealing with failure, Eat dinner together
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