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Dennis OConnor

Super searchers go to school ... - Google Books - 6 views

    Interview and chapter from Dr. David Barr, founder of the 21st Century Information Fluency Project. This Google book article from Joyce Valenza & Reva Basch's book Super Searchers Go to school reaveal some of David's thinking about the knowledge, skills and dispositions for successful searching. Anyone who knows David Barr recognizes his amazing understanding of 21st century information systems. This is a gem. Don't miss it.
Vicki Davis

Unintentional Bias | David Truss :: Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts - 0 views

    Great post from David Truss on unintentional gender bias in the edtech community. He got me gong on the comments! I appreciate what David writes -- always very insightful.
Martin Burrett

A ten-year development plan could keep teachers in job, says Sir David Carter - UKEdCha... - 0 views

    Offering teachers a ten-year development plan, rather than the cyclical 1-year review meeting could be an integral part of keeping teachers in the profession, claimed Sir David Carter today at the GL Assessment conference in Manchester...
Vicki Davis

Computer Based Math | K12 Online Conference - 6 views

    Computer based math by David Wees from the K12 online conference. If you're missing the K12 online conference, you're missing something big. Here, David looks at the consequences of what would happen if Conrad Wolfram's vision of letting computers do math computations in order to free humans up to do other aspects of mathematical problem solving. Something math teachers will want to consider on this controversial topic.
Jeff Richardson

PBS videos for educators hit iTunes U | ijohnpederson - 1 views

    • Jeff Richardson
      There's even stuff for those that teach ELL students! What a great resource for those who like to use ITunes.
  • once. 35 mins ago I become crippled when expected to rant more than 300 characters. Damn you Twitter. 36 mins ago @speters Good luck! 4 hrs ago I totally just figured out @teach42 and his secret plans to conquer the world. Nice touch. Looking forward to seeing this go public. 5 hrs ago Or "Thank you for not unsubscribing!" Whatever the case may be. 21 hrs ago More updates... Recent Comments Jen Dorman on Why We’re All Blogging Less Rick on Why We’re All Blogging Less Kate Olson on Must View Video Dan Meyer on Must View Video John Pederson on Resistance My Blogroll Alec Couros Andy Carvin Anne Davis Brian Crosby Bud Hunt Carolyn Foote Cathy Nelson Chris Betcher Chris Lehman Christian Long Christopher Craft Christopher Harris Christopher Sessums Clarance Fischer Clay Burell Connectivism Blog Dale Basler Dan Meyer Darren Draper Darren Kuropatwa David Jakes David Warlick Dean Shareski Diana Laufenberg Doug Johnson Ewan Mcintosh Gary Stager George Siemens Jeff Utecht Jennifer D. Jones Judy O'Connel Julie Lindsay Karl Fisch Kate Sheehan Kim Cofino Konrad Glogowski Kristin Hokanson Lea Hansen-George Lisa Durff Marcy Hull Naomi Harm Ryan Bretag Scott Anderson Scott McLeod Sharon Peters Sheryl Nussbaum Beech Stephen Downes Steve Dembo Steve Hargadon Sue Waters Tim Stahmer Tom Hoffman Vicki Davis Wes Fryer Will Richardson Zac Chase Read more...
Felix Gryffeth

Book Review - 'The Genius in All of Us,' by David Shenk - Review - - 3 views

    David Shenk argues that that discipline, not giftedness, is vital to greatness.
Dave Truss

Parenting in the Digital Age by David Truss - Our - 11 views

    Kim Caise pointed me to Raising Digital Kids wikispace created by David Truss. This is a really solid resource for both parents and teachers to us to work together around parenting and parenting in a digital age. You will want to review Parents as Partners: Questions and Advice
Claude Almansi

Using Wikis in Science Classes: Teachers and Students Use Educational Technology to Sup... - 0 views

    Sep 8, 2008 David R. Wetzel "The dynamic processes of Wikis allow teachers to engage their students in science. Students of all levels will find this online technology useful for learning science. ..."
Ben W

Instructional Use of Learning Objects- David Wiley - 0 views

    The online edition of David Wiley's 2002 book. Pretty long. Looks good, but will need some free time before I can sort through it all.
Vicki Davis

History Teachers Group - 43 views

Good luck! I hope you're using tagging standards as those truly help people be able to share in meaningful ways and you can pull the data out as well into great, useful feeds. David Hilton wrote: ...

Dave Truss

How Do You Teach Digital Literacy? | EdTech Magazine - 10 views

    The developer of a digital literacy curriculum reveals how to bring substance to its instruction. By David Truss
Vicki Davis

Literature and Nonfiction: Common-Core Advocates Strike Back - Curriculum Matters - Edu... - 5 views

    Nice article at edweek about the informational texts versus great works of literature debate and what Common Core will do to lit. The one important, practical issue that all parties to this discussion MUST recognize - the classroom time is FINITE. Teachers would love to cover EVERYTHING but it just isn't practical. So, if one thing is emphasized over another, it may push something out. Unintended consequences are happening as people "align" their curriculum to common core standards. As all of the pundits and advocates argue this, it would be telling to sit down with an actual aligned curriculum to SEE what happens where the standards meet the lesson plans and what is actually pushed out - until then - it is all, rhetoric. Give us practical application, we're teachers, after all. From the edweek article: "Until recently, the closest we'd come to a major speech on the nonfiction-versus-fiction question was a piece in the Huffington Post by the English/language arts standards' co-authors, David Coleman and Sue Pimentel, insisting that literature "is not being left by the wayside." The message to rally the troops must have gone out, however. Because since the Coleman/Pimentel piece appeared, the common core's defenders have stepped up to counterbalance the literature-pushout crowd. The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation's Kathleen Porter-Magee, for instance, posted a piece arguing that it's a misinterpretation of the standards to say that teachers will have to teach less literature. In a recent email blast, the Foundation for Excellence in Education-led by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, one of the common core's biggest backers-declaimed the "misinformation flying around" about what will happen to literature under the common standards. "Contrary to reports," it said, "classic literature will not be lost with the implementation of the new standards." A glance at the standards' own suggested text lists, it noted, "reveals that the common core recognizes the importance of b
Emily Marler

6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom | Emerging Education Technology - 9 views

    • Emily Marler
      Emerging Ed Tech has many resources available for teachers who use technology in the classroom!
  • I’ll start by providing links to two articles (here is one, and here is the another), about teacher Monica Rankin using Twitter in instructional application at the University of Texas at Dallas. These are a few of many stories about Professor Rankin’s efforts (this highly covered case is what really triggered my perception that there were a lot of articles about Twitter in the classroom in recent weeks).
  • This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses instructor Cole Camplese’s use of Twitter, streaming Tweets from students on screen during lectures, as part of the instructional process.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • In this blog posting, David Silver explains how Twitter replaced three other technologies he was using in the classroom.
  • Last, but certainly not least, here is one of countless articles about Professor David Parry’s work with Twitter, from early 2008. This is the first Twitter in the classroom story that I came across and it has been discussed and posted about many times on the Internet.
  • Twitter for Academia Promoting Twitteracy in the classroom How to use Twitter in the Classroom 50 ways to use Twitter in the classroom
Dave Truss

Personalize Learning: Inquiry drives Learning @bbray27 @khmmc - 3 views

    David Truss is the Vice Principal and Lead Administrator of the Inquiry Hub in Vancouver, British Columbia. We interviewed Dave about the design of the Inquiry Hub back in April, 2012. The Inquiry Hub opened this September so we interviewed Dave again to follow their journey.
Fred Delventhal

Storybricks - 11 views

Vicki Davis

Hackasaurus - 10 views

    Mess around with web pages. This is from David Warlick's post on Educon that I posted as part of the daily news. You're not REALLY changing the page but changing it locally on your machine, but is is still a lot of fun. There are also links to using this site to teach how to make websites.
Vicki Davis

Son of Citation Machine - 5 views

    There are a lot of great citation makers out there, but one of my favorites is David Warlick's Son of citation machine. He's added the ability to generate a pdf now. This is a great free option and works so well.

UKEd Mag: February - Issue 02 | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education Commu... - 1 views

    Tom Bigglestone, who explores the benefits of Philosophy for Children (P4C). Chris Healey, who write about homework in the digital Age. John Pearce, advocates that teachers pledge a pedagogical oath. James Abela gives us a global perspective, writing about his experience in Thailand. Andy Knill waves the flag for the SOLO Taxonomy. UKEdChat Exclusive feature asked teachers what jobs they do if quit the profession. Martin Burrett tells of various highlights observed at BETT this year. Sharon Jones debates how debating can benefit pupils. David Moody shares some Stickmen without Arms! Tina Watson explains how she supports pupils to fill the blank pages. Leon Cych gives tips on how to produce professional video and audio with pupils. We review the book "The Philosophy Shop", edited by Peter Worley.
Vicki Davis

Mrs. Pickrell's Technology Adventure | I'm going on a technology adventure! Let's get g... - 6 views

    "While I did enjoy David Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate, and the hangout that she shared with us, I'll admit… it made me kind of sad.  Not because of the content itself!  But because of the hard memories it brought up.  I used to teach creatively and encourage innovation in my classroom like that.  When I graduated college, I was chock full of ideas and adored hands-on learning.  But my communication skills was parents was very weak and my administrator was a frustrated man who decided his best way of control was micromanaging.  It's a bit of a long story, but the end result is I was knocked down to stop being creative; to just follow the curriculum and to push worksheets. " Wow. As I read this teacher from Dr. Lee Graham's class (they are in gamifi-ed with my students) I'm so touched by how the teacher helps us feel what is happening to TOO MANY TEACHERS. Too many teachers are being pushed down to teach the wrong way. Worksheet wonders and we wonder why no one loves to learn. This is sad and must change. I hope you'll comment.
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