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Martin Burrett

The Impacts of Daily Reading on Academic Achievement by @MrsHollyEnglish - 0 views

    "I have always believed that reading has a significant impact on our understanding and appreciation of the world. As both a life-long passionate reader and an experienced English Language Arts teacher, I have witnessed first-hand the impact that reading has on the ability of learners in terms of comprehension, grammar, empathy, confidence, vocabulary and expression. This has however, only ever been phenomenological through informal observations in the classroom, and in an effort to incorporate sustained silent reading (SSR) as a regular, valid and essential practice, I have embarked upon this research in order to determine the impacts that daily reading has on middle-school learners, not only in terms of English Language Arts, but also across the curriculum."
Martin Burrett

Good, Great, Fantastic… by @keeponteeping - 3 views

    "I was introduced to the Good/Great/Awesome techniques in some TEEP training in November last year. I immediately placed it in my "to-do right away" pile. As an intrinsically positive person, and teacher, who always strives to build students' self esteem and promote the growth mindset in all who pass through my classroom; I found the idea of offering 3 levels of positivity much more appealing that the previous wording. I implemented this strategy quickly and personally added in an overarching learning objective, so students could see each stage of G/G/F as building blocks. I coloured coded them, as is common, and occasionally colour coordinate to grades or tasks."
Felix Gryffeth

Book Review - 'The Genius in All of Us,' by David Shenk - Review - - 3 views

    David Shenk argues that that discipline, not giftedness, is vital to greatness.
Jeff Johnson

U Michigan To Explore Link Between Pollution and K-12 Performance : July 2008 : THE Jou... - 0 views

    Is there a link between air pollution and student performance in K-12 schools? That's what University of Michigan researchers said they hope to discover as they embark on a three-year research project to determine correlations between air quality and performance benchmarks like absenteeism, test scores, and dropout rates.
Gary Bertoia

---- Achievement Test Results ---- - 0 views

  • successful schools there was a decrease between 1998 and 1999 in the average class size per school, whereas the opposite was true among the other schools.
  • I hate to admit it, but I no longer see the students the way I once did—certainly not in the same exuberant light
  • its track record is unimpressive
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • to narrow the curriculum. It inflates test scores,
  • REMEMBER: Province-wide tests are not about passing or failing students, or about comparing schools. The primary purpose of the tests it to improve students learning—to identify areas of strength and to address areas where improvement is needed
    By way of twitter and Konrad Glogowski
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