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Vicki Davis

Canva - Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs, presentations, Facebook covers, flye... - 8 views

    Very cool graphic design tool that you can use to make graphics for your blog, etc.
Martin Burrett

Tackk - Creatively Share your Message… One Tackk at a Time. - 6 views

    A quick and easy way to create a media-rich website in seconds. Just edit the text, import some images and change your colour scheme. Then just share the link. You don't even need to sign in to create a page, but these will expire in 7 days. If you want to keep and edit your page a free sign up is required. It's a great way for students to make and create online.
Martin Burrett - 6 views

    Possible the quickest and easiest way to create a simple, text-based website. Great for giving quick instructions to pupils, and colleague or a supply teacher.
Martin Burrett - 9 views

    Make a sleek looking flash webpage easily in minutes with Flavors Me. Just upload your media and click and drag the items you want in to place.
Vicki Davis

Hackasaurus - 10 views

    Mess around with web pages. This is from David Warlick's post on Educon that I posted as part of the daily news. You're not REALLY changing the page but changing it locally on your machine, but is is still a lot of fun. There are also links to using this site to teach how to make websites.
Martin Burrett

Logo Maker - 15 views

    A great site for generating logos. Great for websites, blogs or even for pretend letters for 'Mantle of the Expert' and other activities.
Ed Webb - Publish Content Online - 11 views

shared by Ed Webb on 06 Nov 11 - No Cached
Jason Finley liked it
    Great resource! Very, very easy to use. And, with just very limited understanding of HTML you can really do quite a bit...including embedding video...or VoiceThreads.
Carl Bogardu

Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages - 29 views

    12 easy lessons to learning HTML
Megan Black

Widgetbox › World's best place to find and make web widgets - 9 views

    Design your own widgets or find one already created and shared
Adrienne Michetti

Digital Web Magazine - The Principles of Design - 11 views

  • concepts that can that make any project stronger without interfering in the more technical considerations later on
  • one of many disciplines within the larger field of design
  • a discipline within the field of art
  • ...37 more annotations...
  • the basic tenets of design into two categories: principles and elements
  • the principles of design are the overarching truths of the profession
  • the elements of design are the components of design themselves, the objects to be arranged.
  • principles
  • Balance Rhythm Proportion Dominance Unity
  • Balance is an equilibrium
  • visual weight within a composition
  • Symmetrical balance
  • When symmetry occurs with similar, but not identical, forms it is called approximate symmetry
  • Symmetrical balance is also known as formal balance.
  • ntral axis.
  • Asymmetrical balance
  • tend to have a greater sense of visual tension. Asymmetrical balance is also known as informal balance.
  • Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements
  • Regular
  • Flowing
  • Progressive
  • relationship in scale between one element and another,
  • Proportion is the comparison of dimensions or distribution of forms.
  • Dominance relates to varying degrees of emphasis in design
  • visual weight
  • three stages of dominance
  • Dominant
  • Sub-dominant
  • Subordinate
  • unity describes the relationship between the individual parts and the whole of a composition
  • Gestalt theories of visual perception and psychology, specifically those dealing with how the human brain organizes visual information into categories, or groups
  • Closure is the idea that the brain tends to fill in missing information when it perceives an object is missing some of its pieces.
  • Continuance is the idea that once you begin looking in one direction, you will continue to do so until something more significant catches your attention
  • Items of similar size, shape and color tend to be grouped together by the brain, and a semantic relationship between the items is formed.
  • In addition, items in close proximity to or aligned with one another tend to be grouped in a similar way.
  • Contrast addresses the notion of dynamic tensionÔthe degree of conflict that exists within a given design between the visual elements in the composition.
  • The objects in the environment represent the positive space, and the environment itself is the negative space.
  • The rule of thirds is a compositional tool that makes use of the notion that the most interesting compositions are those in which the primary element is off center.
  • The visual center of any page is just slightly above and to the right of the actual (mathematical) center.
  • sometimes referred to as museum height.
  • The principles of design are the guiding truths of our profession, the basic concepts of balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance and unity. Successful use of these core ideas insures a solid foundation upon which any design can thrive.
    These principles of design can be applied to almost anything, I believe.
Diane Woodard

Web Site Design Lesson Plans - Lesson plans for high school web site design courses. - 15 views

    From Joel - I'm a business teacher and member of Minnesota Business Educators, Inc. I've put together a little website with some of my lesson plans for high school web site design courses, and I'd like to offer this to other business teachers. The lesson plans are totally free. I'm wondering if you might be interested in adding a link to my website,, on your Cool Cat Teacher blog. The site contains a complete, twelve week course in high school web site design, including projects with step-by-step instructions and rubrics. Thanks so much and have a great day! Joel Roggenkamp Business Teacher Author,
Nelly Cardinale

Create an online contact form with Response-O-Matic - 23 views

    Create a form and embed into your web-page. The basic account is free.
Nelly Cardinale

The "Light" CMS Trend | CSS-Tricks - 6 views

    Reviews concerning Light and Easy to use CMS for website creation.
Ashley S.

Gogofrog - FREE 3D web site with FREE hosting - 0 views

    GogoFrog - Easy 3D Web Site Creation Gogofrog allows you to experience the ultimate 3D world in your browser. You don't need to download anything to your computer, just sign up to the site and start create your own 3D place with unlimited online space. At Gogofrog you can share your art, photos, journals and interests with an ever-expanding network of friends and visitors. Chat with your site visitors, furnish your environment and change the space to suit your mood
anonymous - 0 views

  • Disposable Web Page is now here! You can create a disposable web page with as little effort as a few key strokes and start right away at filling up the page with the content you want. Disposable web page offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information out there on the internet with as little hassle as can be.
    disposable web pages. Set the clock and it will expire when the time comes. Interesting idea, yes?
Ted Sakshaug

Google Web Elements - 0 views

    Add google widgets to your webpage
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